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Communist Dictatorship Holding China Hostage MUST Be Dismantled

We’re past the point of no return. It’s time for war! Free China!

By Crystal Vase

My cousin was kidnapped by the Communist Dictatorship in the early nineties. They held him hostage and my uncle had to travel to China with a ransom to release him.

Can you hear the drums...? I can.

Steven had developed a glow plug of some sort and was meeting with Chinese manufacturers. They stole his IP and almost murdered him, too. We were told years later that Red China was no more... that the Communist Party had changed. More lies from the tablecloth. This is personal now for many of us.

The fire will spread. The Dictatorship will burn. They lit the kindling, not us. This is 100% on that criminal leadership. Too bad they don't value human life enough to care. Every innocent who dies in the coming conflict is another drop of fuel in the machine which will dismantle that regime and destroy their legacy. Eradicate their draconian nightmare and replace it with opportunity. Private property, human rights, and respect for genuine Chinese heritage, not the parasitic revision sold by monsters in corporate standard.

Hitler's national socialism murdered 25+ million people. Communists have murdered 100+ million and enslaved millions more. We don't even know the full count because more people have "disappeared" in China than live in Canada. Source

They've murdered millions of their own people and destroyed countless lives. They've stolen physical and intellectual property; ruined inventors, authors and compromised our technology companies. Infiltrated Universities. Manipulated the stock market and currencies. Interfered with every election.

They use slave labour and still operate Gulags. They threaten anyone with violence the moment they push back. They have just started a global plague and now threaten outright to hold back life saving drugs that have been invented, bought and paid for, by the West. It's time for a ground war. In fact it's long over due.

It's a constant insult to any living human being that the true Chinese people have spent the last 70 years cowering in Red China's shadow. If they think their nuclear arsenal can stop us then add it to the long list of miscalculations they've made. The West out matches those thieving criminals by a magnitude. Enough is enough. If millions are gonna die from their mysterious little virus it's time to make them pay for the damage they've done. Even if it was just an accident the 3 months of covering it up wasn't.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men (and women) do NOTHING." -Edmund Burke (paraphrased)

If they send a nuke and destroy a major city, consider it the final act of their existence because we will annihilate them finally unleashed. Finally unrestrained. Watch every Red city melt beneath the largest arsenal ever collected. We're smarter, stronger, and unlike them we value human life. What they call life isn't life... it's servitude. Better to be dead than live another minute supporting their socialist megalomania.

Time to ban their goods. Lock them out of the global economy. No more trade, no more manufacturing. No more anything. If they use our tech against us we bomb them. They send one missile... just one intercontinental missile and we nuke Beijing. Hong Kong is with us. We should be sending troops into Hong Kong right now setting up bases, recruiting local Chinese who would love to be free of the red menace.

Taiwan is with us. We will return their country to them. This racist, xenophobic, murderous regime's days are numbered. The countdown has begun. They will pay for the deaths they've already caused and they will die for their crimes. Believe it. Lock and load.

Make friends with the free Chinese in your town, your city... your job. Protect them like we should have protected their families back on the mainland. We failed them... time to step up and correct that.

Shut off all their global internet connections. No more Western content of any kind. No more new inventions, products or services. Establish information networks on Communist soil and feed valuable data to the Allies alone. Every technology company needs to move out of Communist markets. It should be illegal from now forward for any Western company to do business with any Communist country. Alphabet's HQ... shut it down!

China is a dangerous and unpredictable drug addict. Time to take away the heroine. The Fentanyl crisis is deliberately fueled by state manufacturers. This is gonna be the moment people remember for centuries... the beginning of the end of the biggest Communist Dictatorship in history. We're gonna free one and half billion people.

We tried to reason with them; we tried to persuade them toward capitalism. We gave them a chance to do the right thing and "grow" out of their authoritarian past. We gave peace a chance. We hoped if we couldn't hold them to account for past wrongs then we could help them transform into something better... but they used us.

Lied to us. Stole from us. And now they're killing us. Can you really stand for that? Can you really just keep watching people die hoping they suddenly grow a conscience and stop their insidious behaviour. No more chances. They've abused every opportunity. There can be no peace with their kind.

You can't negotiate with criminals. There is no deal to be made. 'Chairman' Xi belongs in prison. The Communist Party leadership belongs in prison. Death row. The Chinese people desire freedom, but state controlled broadcasters and brown shirt thugs keep them silent. They harvest prisoners who've committed no crime beyond opposing the political will for their organs! Well now it's time to give them a voice.

We must install our own network on their territory as they've invade ours. If they think we'll give it back before the red scourge is destroyed then they should think again. There is nothing more powerful than the enterprising ingenuity of free peoples who have been pushed too far for too long. There is no price we are not willing to pay. Even death itself. The time has come to fight for something so valuable no threat they can make should dissuade us.

We've lost too much already. We're past the point of no return. This isn't businesses going under anymore, this is your parents and grand parents dying. Today China threatened to hold back medicine and they already held back masks. If they think we'll just forget this... if they believe that we are too weak to stand up to them.. ask the Germans what happens when you threaten the Allies. I'll save you the effort. Dooms Day.

They place their iron grip upon every baby's throat and keep it there all that person's life. Smile for the cameras and you live another day. Sweat for the regime and you live another day. Disobey and state agents routinely rip these same babies from their mothers' arms and throw them still screaming into a pile to be burned. Final days I say.

No-one trusted the Communists before this, now they're afraid. Fear leads to anger and as people start coming to the obvious conclusion of who's to blame the world will rise in a fury not witnessed since before my parents were born. I feel it in me. I see it in the worried cries of my neighbours. This CANNOT stand. Their malignant incompetence has now jeopardized the whole world.

My friends, this is the moment we rise against their terror and remind them who invented all the stuff they steal. This is the moment we remind the world who we are. We are the free, we are the future. They are the cheap knockoffs. China's future is no longer in the Communists' hands. It will be returned to the people from which it was stolen.

The Allies ignored Hitler, too... until the Japanese hit home soil. How many lives would we have saved if we had not waited for what was inevitable? When the viral crisis fades I want you to look around at the empty chairs this Thanks Giving. War with Red China is already going on. This viral crisis is just the collateral damage as it slipped beyond their theatre of control. Well that was their mistake. It's on now.

A free China is a critical piece of tomorrow and they can't do it without us. The poison is too deep. We must drive a needle in the heart of the beast and drain the poison. Justice delayed is not justice denied. Time for Xi to disappear like he disappeared so many others. Beat the drums in your area. The Communist Party needs to surrender to the Chinese people or it's time for war!

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Crystal Vase
Crystal comes from an island no-one can find on a map. She writes primarily about politics.

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