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Verboten Publishing Ltd.

Computer Stuff

Repairs, cleanups, OS installs, coding apps, you name it. We can do it or know someone who can.

We can make a computer do pretty much anything a computer can do.

In a previous career, before starting his Verboten Publishing company, our beloved Founder, Anthony J. Mountjoy, was a successful computer programmer building applications for operating and augmenting hundreds of businesses. He helped many small and medium sized businesses thrive in good times and survive in bad times.

Even his handful of large clients, such as the Mayo Clinic, explored the bleeding edge by investing in Tony's Azreal Application Engine. It was the lessons he learned at Asmoteknologies Ltd, his first company started at 19 years old, which informed is creation of Verboten in his middle years.

Azreal is the heart of all the software applications and devices which run Verboten and related tools. The entire website is built and operated by Azreal as are all the native applications compiled on critical devices in the studio. In many ways Azreal is the life's work of the Founder. Progress continues even now in the Founder's absence since his mysterious disappearance.

There's no obvious explanation of how Azreal's code set keeps updating. Some suggest an "AI" element is involved. That Azreal gained a sort of rudimentary consciousness in the Founder's final days working on the Verboten Advanced Production Park... but no-one really knows for sure.

Luckily, for our purposes it doesn't matter. We've got you covered. Tell us what you need the software to do and if it can be done Azreal will tell us. Certain members have access to restricted interfaces at Verboten Studio where they can interact with a hacked Azreal Control Module still connected to the core at Verboten Advanced Production Park.

A properly formatted description goes in one side and several hours later out comes working software on the other. Email the studio or drop by during regular hours to fill out a service request form. Typical fee is $50/hour it takes Azreal to produce the product or any requested adjustments along the way. May accept interesting trades.

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