In today's pseudo-socialist Canada, Jesus would quickly find himself in jail for medical malpractice.

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Criminalizing Jesus For Healing The Sick

How can the greater good include denying what's good just because it isn't the right do-gooders?

Doesn't qualify for the privilege to help others. Isn't representing the almighty government. Should Jesus make the mistake of publicly "healing" someone he'd be summarily imprisoned regardless of the outcome for his patient.

Under our totalitarian medical system... Jesus himself would be put in jail for applying private options and cured patients wouldn't save him. That's called irony.

Full disclosure...I'm an atheist, but lets follow the logic into the larger issue. Private healthcare is illegal in socialist Canada. They claim it's our highest achievement. Free and everywhere. The traditionally poor whom we assume are under-served can expect treatment even as the well to-does wait in line like everyone else.

Too bad it's all a lie. Rather than treatment for the rich it's treatment for the bureaucratic elite; the further one gets from the centre of political power the less "Mana from Heaven" finds its way into our lives. The rich take a plane trip or enjoy the best neighbourhoods near the best facilities and the bureaucratic class harvests the rest of us to pay for their granite kingdom.

We were told that medicine would get cheaper with natural advancements in the public system and technology. All that money being saved with economy of scale and not having to compete would mean more patients getting served and better outcomes. Single payer would solve all the problems with big pharma's exaggerated pricing.

More lies from the tablecloth.

We would never need private options. Endless reminders that private forces refuse to serve those smaller, less profitable markets. That locals won't do those jobs. Oh, how times have changed. Though, Saskatchewan feeds much of the world, we enjoy only a few cardiac units speckled across her broad expanse. If you live in a small town get ready for an ambulance trip at your own personal expense. Live a few hours away from a major city? Pony up $3000.00 or more for the ride.

As the bureaucrats blame every hospital closure on staff problems and labour shortages; private options are offered and routinely rejected. When a town shuts down its maternity ward because there aren't enough nurses, the governments only major concern is stopping some private citizen from developing a business in training nurses. After all it's not like hospitals ever close down near them.

Far more important to stop some investor from opening her own clinic and paying her own staff as she is able to negotiate terms. Rather than legislation dictating noncompetitive wages and benefits. Where do you think the staff shortage comes from? Draconian regulations suppress wages yet sales in opiates have never been more lucrative.

The total dictation of how the job is conducted so absolutely no local advantage can be leveraged. Got a tractor in the back and 200 farmers more than willing to build a nice house to attract a new doctor...forget it. Doesn't pass code. Want to donate a little office in the downtown to draw in that 60 year old pediatrician...don't bother, she doesn't use a computer so she isn't compatible. She doesn't push pain medications on people like they're vitamins so the "powers that be" don't approve.

Here are some uncomfortable facts showing how bent toward the bureaucratic class the spread of services has become and remember when a public service doesn't exist somewhere while in law it still maintains a monopoly there are NO SERVICES AVAILABLE at all.

Two Seats of Power in Canada. One English and One French. Two Cities. One for the People and One for the Rulers.

Ontario: 38.3% total population. 33% of all hospitals. Toronto is 38% of provincial population. only has 9% of prov. hospitals while Ottawa is 5% of prov. pop. and has 3.2% of prov. hospitals.

Quebec: 23.2% total population. 19.1% of all hospitals. Montreal is 22% of prov. pop. only has 12.8% of prov. hospitals while Quebec City 6.5% of prov. pop. and has 5.5% of prov. hospitals.

Notice a pattern? Where the bureaucrats live go the goes the services. Guess who's at the back of the line when it comes to cutting services. Guess who's at the front when it comes to getting new services. And these are the large urban areas. The picture gets worse for the medium regions and bleakest for the small towns.

Socialism doesn't help the people as it always claims...and universal healthcare isn't universal. It socializes the downside onto people furthest away from the power to resist it.

We need private options in under-served areas and we have to stop letting the the fact we can't serve everyone stop us from saving who we can. If the public system is going to shut down a hospital then it should be required to offer the building to a private service provider at a crazy low price. I'm tired of driving through towns as they become graveyards for government overreach.

Let some of our brightest local talents pursue enterprises that serve the communities they care about. Government needs to get out of the way. It doesn't understand capitalism or progress. Production comes from the people; not some program or policy.

Crystal Vase
Crystal comes from an island no-one can find on a map. She writes primarily about politics.

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