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Pooping On Everything With Triumph The Insult Dog
The most famous Yugoslavian Mountain Hound in the comedy kennel.
Insult comedy is an acquired taste often more enjoyable to other comedians than general audiences. It probably seems obvious on the face of it that you never sit in the front row if you don’t have a thick skin.

Calculus is a Utamaro Konaki-jiji
Repeat after me — All we need is Arithmetic, Algebra and Geometry!
Calculus fails because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts thus measuring the infinitesimal quickly becomes an expensive exercise in numerical paleontology.

Capital Frontiers Of Science Using Archimedes’ Principle
Considering the all-to-real risks of Promethean adventurism.
Swimming in myth and ancient philosophy much of today’s scientific capitalism has its roots in the distance past. Thousands of years of noodling through a cloudy aurora of observed phenomena without the means to measure critical elements with precision.

The Constitutional Wisdom Of Richard Dreyfuss
Why Civics MUST be taught in schools.
The generational expanse forming between Boomers and Milly’s is getting dangerous. They seem, on the surface, to have absolutely nothing in common.

Sean Evans Ate This Many Hot Ones In One Year
Deep data for First We Feast’s hit podcast.
In 2015 Hip Hop superfan and iron tongue master Sean “Careful Around The Eyes” Evans began hosting what would become a breakthrough format in talk shows...

Money Making Colonies In Fallout 76
The eCommerce of a popular persistent world; a thought experiment.
Some of us believe gaming is a big part of the future retail business. If Fallout 76 is a persistent world and I successfully create a colony of reliable survivors(who I pay as employees in the real world) will I be able to design/build my own unique items with my branding from raw resources in my territory to produce goods/service at a profit?

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