There is an EVIL SECRET at the heart of Verbotenous. Something that only a Top Evil! can know. If it were known generally, then it would destroy the realm. - Igor circa. 1734

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Diabolical Blueprint of Top Villainy

A quick guide to making evil plans.

Assuming you are Evil enough to earn the reputation of the coveted Top Evil! a whole new aspect of the game opens up. With great power comes great responsibility. The Legions of Evil...the Horde of Horror...the Army of Darkness are yours to command. Hand out treasure to your enemy's enemy and deploy hazards to punish your favourite Villains.

One of the most important responsibilities of the Top Evil! is to post Evil Plans for Villains to gather their Minions around. It's expected that a Top Evil! be creative and profitable for the Society of Sinister Evil...until another ambitious young fiend rises from the ranks. Another is responding to Villain and Minion requests. As a general rule, the acting Top Evil! responses must include a bad joke. If the joke is too good then she may be kicked out on her not-so-little keister.

Certain conditions apply to any Evil Plan. For example if a Villain doesn't have the required Lair then they won't qualify and shouldn't apply if they know what's good for them.
Evil Plans

Important: Figure out a name for your Evil Plan AFTER you have gone through the details below.
What is your goal? (Objective)

World Domination
Destroy the Earth
Criminal Activities
Widespread Misery
Soul Accumulation
Why are you doing this? (Motive)

Sadistic pleasure
To show them all
Hatred for all mankind
Evil - It's just my nature
Mom never loved me
Which lair is required? (Base)

Medieval Castle
Diabolical Lab
Underground Secret Headquarters of Doom
Floating Fortress
Space Station
Abandoned Church
Hollow Mountain
Isolated Tropical Island
Amusement Park
Air Fortress
Dark Side of the Moon
What kind of Minions are preferred? (Horde)

Classic Brutes
Mutant Race
Animal Minions (rats, birds, etc.)
Undead (vampires, zombies, etc)
Supernatural Creatures (gremlins, trolls, etc)
Stage 1 - Know thy enemy (Nemesis)

Who deserves the wrath of Evil? (People)

Social Warrior
Rich and Powerful CEO
Wealthy Heiress
Military General
Chosen One
News Reporter
Town Mascot
Famous Actor/Actress
Rock Star

Stage 2 - Erase the past ( Symbols)

Seize control of
A worthy target (Monuments)

the Pyramids of Giza
that Opera House in Sydney
New York
the Eiffel Tower
the Statue of Liberty
United Nations
the Internet
the Pacific Ocean
the Moon (ooh, tides!)

Stage 3 - The master plan (Doomsday)

Reveal to the World
Covertly Move
Finally, the ultimate weapon (Device)

Thermonuclear Missiles
Armies of Destruction
Secret Death Ray
Needlessly Big Weather Machine
Armageddon Clock
Plague of Doom
Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Opening of the Seven Seals
Great Supernatural Forces


For more on how to make Evil Plans please review blueprints already posted as examples. A regular Villain will use them to achieve goals long before they are Top Evil! anyway.
Hand In Assignment

Once a Villain has gathered the fruits of a Minion horde they must Make An Offering to the Top Evil! upon which the results will be considered. Assuming all tasks have been completed to the satisfaction of the Powers That Be; a reward will be given to the Villain along with the means to pay Minions.

Evil waits for no one. In fact, most of the content of this guide was stolen. Evil. Evil. Evil. Evil. There is so much more waiting for you in Verbotenous.

Top Hat
Currently the top villain in Verbotenous. If you see him/her/it... you won't even know it.

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