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Diabolical Research

Diabolical researchers say...
There are 3 levels to the Universe that we interact with directly and need to consider when #programming. Chaos (Noise, Elements of Creation, Potential Energy), Low Order (Sound, Gathered Forces, Particles In Motion), and High Order (Music, Intelligence, Interference Wave)
Those obsessed with #AI should consider something first. Noone has ever successfully bread an animal or people for intelligence. We can breed for beauty, for strength, for tall or short, yes even for colour...but not intelligence bc/ it ALWAYS relies on education and experience.
Irony comes in all forms. For example. A #primitive tribe in #Peru recently strangled a #Canadian man to death and dragged him to his shallow grave with a wire...all this while videoing his dying words on a mobile phone with internet connection. #Technology != #Enlightenment.
Bound by regulations a bureaucrat can always make life worse and rarely better. Add that all governments are like a person who's brain is swapped out regularly and sooner or later a liars brain...a self serving slime's brain imposes upon us. #Verboten
If anyone ever points out your own hysteria; simply accuse them of hyping. #Villain
U is you. Mi is me. Wi is we. Zi is ze. Gibberish? Or #Villainous code?
Villains are smart because they are driven. Compelled by #destiny to break the rules making the biggest plans a reality. Sometimes a loved one gets in the it takes a master planner to get your cake and eat it, too. #Coordination
Diabolical research suggests that human beings ARE the #PhilosophersStone. The #alchemy occurs within the #Villain as she transmutes opportunity into causality.
A #villainous salute to #immortality: I can get so much done...with just one more day.
That racial #discrimination makes Villains. "People don't know how I felt when police randomly stopped me while hanging out or walking. Or when a plain clothed guard made me empty my pockets leaving a store. I hadn't stolen anything. Or suit salesman who wouldn't serve me for my graduation. I guess I'm paying for my parents' White Privilege."
That while our computers are connected to the Internet we are NOT. At least no more than the connection we have to each other when having a conversation or to paper when we read a book #chillout #IT
That belief in a higher power helps keeps some individuals docile and ambitious leaders more aggressive...ready to prove they are divinely favoured by succeeding at mass destruction in the name of. #belief #ideology #primitive
That #selfdriving cars on public roads will fail. Costs too much. Instead dedicated lanes; all vehicles are connected thru simple coordination software. Separating commercial and domestic traffic for safety will prevail.

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