Federal gun control will always be too expensive and blunt to solve the problem. I don't even have to tell you what the problem is do I? We all know... Do we manage gun access which inevitably means managing individuals directly with tax dollars. Dangerous.

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Disney Land Privately Solves Gun Control

Stop making mass murderers into celebrities.

Or do we manage the guns which means managing the producers and business of guns. And where is the example of either working?

Punishing law abiding citizens isn't appropriate and gun free zones seem to do that...don't they? If we think about it we realize there are all kinds of places we are not allowed to take guns; but in affordable examples it's private or municipal. Never federal.

Feds are expensive. Best applied to guarding nukes. The damage of a one size fits all approach in civil matters and the inherent conflict of interest between a governing force and the power of the governed have to be addressed. The balance must be maintained to keep a country together.

The common ground for all should be obvious by know but emotions run so high on all sides it seems to elude us. Over and over we watch innocent people die and ask what can be done. We can stop looking at this as an ownership issue or a federal concern. That's what we CAN do. We can stop making enemies of good people, brother against brother, sister against sister by banging ideological tropes against each other every time something terrible happens.

Take it private and municipal. It's the only form of gun control that has ever actually reduced gun crime without slipping toward gun confiscation and the civil war that would spark. Think smaller and get a handle on this.

In the nuclear age, the enemy is war itself. - Denzel Washington, Crimson Tide

There is a place where gun violence doesn't exist. Where crime is at most petty and danger is a thrill sliding down the side of a mountain. Disney Land. Private. No violence; no gun crimes. Virtually Zero. Why? Because it completely and privately controls the territory. It has the resources to deal with actual conditions in the places where a problem might exist. Allow municipalities to control entry/exit like any private property can.

A municipal approach works in a similar way. Communities where locals want to carry guns are welcome to control that through local authorities. If the culture of an area no longer supports that it can change without ever threatening another community or an individuals liberty.

Municipal democracy can facilitate the appropriate response to conditions on the ground in a very similar way to how Disney can maintain its territory. It doesn't violate individual liberty because one can always invest in another community more simpatico or make one. Buy land and run it the way our pioneer ancestors intended.

Federal gun crimes are simply too expensive...too sensational. They transform a disaffected, rejected teenager into a celebrity over night. It's red meat to the media and seductive to those who feel irrelevant and abused. Point the camera somewhere else. We are only manufacturing more sorrow.

Don't name those who seek notoriety. If they commit suicide, bury them in an unmarked grave. - Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

Perhaps that's the new law we need. Stop allowing the names of criminals in the news. They should not profit from their crimes in any way and neither should the media companies. Oh, we'll find out anyway...somehow. But it won't be promoted on the leader board. It won't be a hashtag every time a another publication drops a story. We'll soon forget their names, if we even bothered to find out, while the media finally focuses on facts that really matter. Ok... that's a stretch.

We need to face the reality that Disney Land presents. A reality of what happens when a place has the resources it needs to manage its own problems. A gun free zone can work. Under the right circumstances it can make the happiest place on earth.

Crystal Vase
Crystal comes from an island no-one can find on a map. She writes primarily about politics.

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