It isn't easy being an independent publisher in today's economy. Every other word offends someone. Our collaborators rely on your patronage to keep creating.

Art is important. Literature is important. Music... Essential even. We're offering a full copy PDF download of Ithliam and Our Tribal Circles. If you like them please consider sending a donation.

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I have to place my pride to the side and ask for help. Something I'm not comfortable doing, but will gladly do to save my studio. Taxes and bills are piling up and the government has abandoned so called "non-essential" businesses like ours. Our dreams are essential no matter what they say. Without our dreams there's no point to anything.

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Little Seagull And The Mighty Clam
Learning from our mistakes is half the fun.
They say that if you role the dice you take what you get. Four out of five businesses fail so isn't it just really hard to make money.

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