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Evil Plans For Begging Villains

Everyone has to start somewhere. This is your origin story.

By Top Hat

Message The Top Evil! with [Request Evil Plan ??] in the title where ?? is the plan number. If your choices please the Top Evil! and Maddam Fate (Roll of the dice) then you'll get a much needed upgrade to your file in the SLIMY CATACOMBS OF LEGAL STATUS.

Make sure you do them in order on your first go through. After that you can do any you want. Go ahead and get started. Evil waits for no one.

Example Starter Villain File In the Slimy Catacombs Of Legal Status

Name - (Needs A Costume) Lvl. 1 Temperament - "Quote of what they said when applying." | No Costume | No Lair | No Signature Tool | No Transportation | No Horde

№1 Evil Costume (Drawing)

A Villain's style is of utmost importance. The cloths express Evil as intended. Space suits, capes, a sinister mask is good for provoking do-gooders. By requesting this Evil Plan the Top Evil! will assign a blueprint for you to follow describing your wardrobe options.

№2 Secret Lair (Music)

Any Villain needs is a secret lair to plan Evil deeds. You can make as many lairs as you have resources for but only one at a time because a Villain can pursue only one Evil Plan at a time. Upon approval a comment will appear on your post with a blueprint for achieving your Secret Lair unlocking new options.

№3 Signature Tool (Writing)

All good Villains need a set of tools for accomplishing Evil whims. Evil takes work. With the right tools even the hardest of Evil Plans are within reach to the enterprising young Villain and a growing horde of Minions. The more tools at ones disposal the more opportunities.

№4 Transportation (Designing)

Whether it's a magic carpet or a giant roller skate; no Villain is worth a damn without a pimped out ride. Some Evil Plans depend on it. It's hard to take over the Moon if you don't have a rocket. And it's hard to build a deep sea base without a submarine.

№5 The Horde (Coordinating)

To qualify for more Evil Plans a Villain needs experience with certain advanced types of Minions. Ask and thou shall receive. When in Rome do as they do. If you want to plunder a graveyard it doesn't hurt to bring some zombies along to watch your back.

These are single player and must be conquered before a Villain can post Jobs to handle more advanced Evil Plans with Minions. Available to all Villains as often as they choose to pursue them or until there is nothing more to gain. A Villain is still restricted to one Evil Plan (of any kind) at a time and must do each of these at least once to continue in the game.

Are you ready for VERBOTENOUS?

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Top Hat
Currently the top villain in Verbotenous. If you see him/her/it... you won't even know it.

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