Those who have no moral compass, no internal sense of direction go where the wind blows. They crave the sweet smell of baked bread, or the lullaby of the siren as they lead those stupid enough to follow along with themselves to inevitable destruction.

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existential gravity disloyalty

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Existential Gravity Of Disloyalty

One step at a time.

They sense an existential gravity that gets stronger with each new member and public affirmation. This is what they call a "growing movement", more like a bowel movement; full of shit. They actually interpret this manipulation as comfortable certainly. Something like a small child trusting a parent rather than seeing it for what it is; grown adults trying to get paid by manipulating your feeling to their own political ends.

Often well illustrated with stories of lemmings running over cliffs. People jumping off bridges when their friends tell them to. Mobs forming to enact the justice courts denied them. It's a way to replicate the socialist algorithm at the grass roots. Joining the mob lets us live vicariously through the bold without direct consequence. We can do our part, standing there, while letting the more violent and pushy members do theirs all without feeling responsible for their actions. They were acting out, not something you as a regular member approve of. Yet, what will you do about it. Nothing.

There's an obvious connection between protester culture and escalation to violence as those protests prove ineffective. Socialist powers prey upon the "go along" joiner attitude of the weak and will play the media for sympathy. Socialist group think divides us from them, and plays identity politics as a specialty. They use as many "group words" as they can in every message. Unity, stronger together, come with us, join us, be like us, be one of us, and ultimate the real agenda...don't be like them; we are virtue and they are vice.

It's those who produce real things who tend to favour independence as is often the case when it's your stuff or your labour being exploited. Especially when your resources are being used to fuel action you fundamentally disagree with. Maybe abortion, war, or multiculturalism displacing pluralism.

Socialists can't make anything, they can only buy it or steal it. This is a classic point of tension in this ongoing criminal enterprise we call big government. Not government, but BIG government; bloated and corrupt. Hammered by voters and the corporations that control them into just another communist scheme to serve its special interests at the cost of the rest.

And you let this happen. Your votes that expanded bank bail outs. Your votes that accelerated immigration to favour big business profits over citizen job and training opportunities. But you just had to buy stock in that over seas company and you wanted that stock to go up. So if your country has to suffer to make that happen...oh well. If a local store goes under...if people you see every day have to lose their futures and their businesses and their dreams...that's just fine...

It's just how the world works now. If they were really smart they'd buy stock too, and then we can all get rich while our country burns.

But wait, it turns out the socialists tricked you. Your stock is tanking and they forgot to tell you and the rest of the group. Meanwhile the controllers of the special interest agenda liquidated all the assets and value before the market opened. You never had a chance. This was always the plan and now they have your money too. Your career is over and your family is broke. Hey, don't worry you have neighbours who will help you. Good neighbours who run that store down the block you don't go to any more. It's been servicing the community for decades.

Oh wait, that's right, their store went under last month. Couldn't find people to work now that the factories on the edge of town are up and running. All thanks to that new trade agreement the Premier signed. Then when they tried to use their own children to man the store, that same government walked in and publicly accused them of exploiting child labour.

It was all over the papers, don't you remember? In truth the ministers had promised their trade partners they would enforce these new standards in return for all those jobs on the next provincial budget report(which aren't even filled by Canadians IN Canada) to help their re-election. Your poor neighbours were so embarrassed they left the community. Now what are you going to do?

Maybe you can find some more existential gravity before you starve...but you won't starve will'll just steal...that's what you always do. Isn't it. At least while there is something left to take. Remember you're not the only one with your hand out.

Crystal Vase
Crystal comes from an island no-one can find on a map. She writes primarily about politics.

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