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Film - There's no busines like it.

Learn how to shoot great footage and edit together a film based on Verboten standards.

Every great Auteur has to start somewhere.

This animated short was made with Verboten's experimental Zeitgeist Animator software.

Curious what Verboten thinks about the art and craft of making movies? Learn how to shoot great footage and edit together a film based on Verboten standards.

Develop your trick shots. Be a sharpshooter.

Discover the informative history of cinematic production. How much do top studios make anyway?

Someday you might even win an Oscar like the great auteurs before you who figured out the secret history of Hollywood.

Fun Fact: This studio is named Verboten to honour the underground film makers who risked death and often paid the final price during WW2 defying the dictator to produce works which helped win the world's support againt him.

Canada’s Political Interference In The Film Industry

Selling out the future to save today.

Why is it so hard to get investment to produce a feature here yet so easy to produce a documentary? What are the historical events that might have shaped this?

Is it a lack of population density? Education? Or perhaps there is something more sinister worming its way through the film community; poisoning any attempt to produce or distribute a mainstream feature.

I contend that the National Film Board of Canada’s noble use of propaganda in the mid-20th Century to turn public opinion against the Nazi’s served as a convenient narrative in the government’s long term goal of creating a bureaucratic framework for codifying a political apparatus in order to control new media markets.

How Canada Poisoned Its Own Well With Propaganda

This laid the groundwork for today’s difficult production environment. Through political overreach the distribution of film in Canada was heavily regulated in favour of American interests dooming new media markets to the whims of whichever ideology controls our executive branch and neither will ever give that power up willingly.


A look at the world with a view askew.

Notes based on Verboten concept of the 6th Wall of Reductive Distortion and its application to making an avant-garde short film.

“As I paused on all fours, my head twisting left and right, barely able to squeeze between the bright white wash background lights, I felt…like the master of a tiny universe.”

The mirror I employed as a “third light” was doubly blinding.

The 6th Wall of Reductive Distortion

The uniquely narcissistic aspects encouraged in avant-garde immediately present a danger of self indulgence. Already I feel that too much wants to get out at once. Need to focus on a narrative of some sort or this could descend into nonsense. Less is more.

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