When making something significant always leave a "flaw by design" somewhere in the work where only a very careful observer would find it. Hide it behind something clever, so when it's discovered, it jumps out like a smile exploding from a face.

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flawed design

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Flawed By Design

A flaw is a seed for later development if not productive conversation.

A secret shared between artists. An offer and an opportunity... a message.

It says, "I left this for you and you alone. What will you make of it?"

"Seems like an empty platitude to me. To what end would you leave a flaw instead of fix it? How is it actually a positive thing?"

It takes a lot of practice, but what happens over many years of making things is a sort of series of happy accidents which in hindsight you realize influenced some of your best, most unexpected output.

"Damn, he's at it again."


Eventually you form a sixth sense about a flaw potentially being one of these hazardous opportunities. A moment occurs where you recognize this might grow on its own into something wonderful. So you leave it where it presented and let nature takes its course.

"He's harvesting ideas from his posts. I hate it when he does that!"

"Well, look at that. Another empty platitude."

Something minor that doesn't really hurt anything, barely noticeable, but somehow leads to something great later anyway. Had you planned it; it would have failed as surely as you have no idea why this works in the first place.

"That's how it always starts."

"And then you rightly correct him."

Like the knot on a fence board. A slight bend in the wood. That summer you were finally tall enough to see through the hole left behind after years of wind and rain.

"He's so dumb. Everything he says is garbage."

"But then the bastard harvests your best burns..."

"... and best ideas."

Will resists necessity as Prometheus resisted Zeus. Achieving the impossible by challenging what came before through a partnership with nature. Producing what they said could never be. Yet from the seed grows the forbidden tree.

"... writes an article."

Nature doesn't always accept our terms, but it always might. It's completely unpredictable beyond the feeling you have in a moment as flawed as you are. Who can predict the consequence of a mistake. When anything might happen the future is both exciting and terrifying.

"Which he then places behind a paywall."

Connecting whatever you've discovered with others is an essential duty of every explorer. Involving others in profitable exchange grows the potential beyond measure. Never underestimate the compounding value of conversation. I believe there's no limit to production when people work together.

"What a jerk."

"Did you read the article, though?"

I guess you might call it artistic faith.


"Now I can make more sense of what's going on here, so enjoy that sticky icky. Sounds like you got some good stuff."

They're not wrong.
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And, midst the noise of this Great World are feeble cries...

Bill Hunting
Bill writes a lot about pioneering and production. A strong advocate of ones independent means of production.

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