To prosper one requires certain knowledge of the fundamentals of making stuff. There are many approaches.

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Four Pillars Of Prosperity

Practice produces imperfectly and that's a good thing.

... but they all track sooner or later to four basic or elementary factors that must be understood. These are the Principles: Production, Capitalization, Speculation, and Fraud. With each carries unique risks and opportunities, and each is benefited or hindered by different behavioural characteristics in the collaborators involved. Even a simple sales exchange is a collaboration.

Pioneering Capitalism is Capacity + Opportunity = Production. Improving capacity will open up new opportunities.

Production, simply defined, means the ability and means to make something useful. Ones Capacity to deliver on the promise of an opportunity fulfilled. Useful is defined as something that can be implemented in further production of no particular kind. If one cannot make something of an opportunity it will be left to someone else to capitalize and you will miss your chance so be prepared.

Once understood, however, opportunities will appear everywhere so look forward most of the time. The abandoned or lost threads of yesterdays producers are just waiting to be picked up again and continued. There is no final destination, at least not in our short life spans.

Be a producer. Make things. Take something and make something else from it. Do this over and over again until you can make something more useful than the materials its made from. Maybe start with something like algebra, and then a puzzle. Then a model car, airplane, then ship. Then a computer from parts, then a program, then a business, then an industry, then a legacy.

Capitalization requires hour upon hour of hard work put into preparation and skill. The work experience earned through making things and the position it affords you allows opportunity to be leveraged and further production to occur when your efforts reach maturity. The promise of ever greater returns will come from learning to collaborate with others and value fair compensation over exploitation. Placing value on the collaborative exchange rather then the payment transaction changes the game. With each new contribution during the formative process another capitalist benefits and by extension all those who work with others to produce greatness.

Speculation or risk taking is important for any successful Social Market Capitalist, but one must be careful not to over-indulge. Like gambling, or fire, Speculation is a force of great power and it takes a responsible and measured approach to make productive use of it. Far more frequently than anything else, Speculation is counter productive because it appeals to the gambler in us all. Without constraint...Just as there is no limit to the potential gain given longest odds, there is a far greater chance of loss in all such exchanges. Therefore the more frequently one speculates the higher ones chances of ruin. Stock trading suffers from this especially.

On top of everything else, even success brings its risks. The more we have the more selfish weakness will drive others to Speculate they can take it from us in one grand effort to maximize their own return. To the Socialists, your production, is a crop to harvest. One must be ever vigilant against such efforts. Fraud takes many forms, but each is motivated by the same hunger to consume your product. Through a conscious effort to see through to the quick of things, one can avoid most fraud and hold onto much or most of ones earned production. Taxes not withstanding.

By studying the producers of the past and their methods, it should become clear how to capitalize on making valuable things. It may not be possible to replicate precisely what worked in a time gone by so expect to make adjustments given your own timely considerations. Condition yourself to see through all manner of trick and optical illusion to build up resistance to trickery and fraud while securing yourself against over-reliance on "systems", probability, and statistics to ensure success.

Bill Hunting
Bill writes a lot about pioneering and production. A strong advocate of ones independent means of production.

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