Consumption can become a disease not only of the body, but also the mind. Bad habits lead to most financial problems and the effect worldwide is devastating.

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Get Over Consumption Through Production

Dig out and keep on going.

Over-Consumption is near the root of most problems with today's economy. Producers have almost no power left, no real say over their own production. Either leashed by government or bullied by trade industries, our city centres have pooled consumer votes to control production and manufacturing from afar.

This is the socialist nightmare so many of our "crazy uncles" and "old timers" warned about. Some call them the elite. We used to call them Nobles, and Lords. We used to kiss rings. Now we kiss ass. Just like the monarchies of old, or the corporate dictatorships of modern times, a small special class of well connected agents overrule the will of the people. Or more accurately use the diluted masses to control the minorities in their own enterprises. This is the very essence of tyranny of the majority. Certified experts run everything, only the so called "qualified" can be trusted on any significant issue, and should a regular person dare to complain or run for office they are destroyed as publicly as possible by the propaganda machines we used to call news.

How did it come to this? Greed and giving in to beautiful lies. Why do we tolerate this? Because we lost the ability to affect change through the "legitimate" before we were even born. This is a multi-generational mess. Unfortunately democracy has a serious flaw. It often plays to the populist side of every argument or only acknowledges options the common participant can understand in a sound bite. This usually means a specialized political vernacular. It naturally forms around the actions of the "professional class" that applies their attention to this space routinely. Ultimately though, the arguments fall in favour of whatever convenient narrative is necessary to protect the special interests that successfully established their political power in the first place. Remember these people eat their own before they come for us.

The modern political class who arrogantly feels only they have the skills or education to speak for the rest of us, are firmly in the pocket of big global industry and the stock market apparatus they use to abstract control from those doing the work. They support accelerated immigration for corporate profits rather than emigration for real people; multiculturalism for labour programs rather than pluralistic heritage for citizens. Eroding any practical reason to invest locally in the hopes that every willing patriot will eventually give up or die like the farmers did so they can slurp up the remains. Think farming in the 1960's, manufacturing in the 1980's, dot-com bubble in early 2000's, housing bubble in 2008, and the retail bubble now forming. In the end nothing in Canada will be owned by Canadians and our country becomes nothing more than a proxy power ready to join a hemispheric single market.

Citizens are too expensive in a global labour scheme. Socialist math means it will always cost less money to outsource. Use Canada as a work space while importing anyone willing to play along. Like the UK we can't build houses fast enough for our "temporary" labour and yet a growing segment of the "standing" population are non-citizen workers bending our politics and media coverage toward their bosses' narratives. Sadly our political class seems to be more interested in serving these globalists and their zombie armies than those born and raised here. Or even those who have emigrated on their own to become a true Canadian the way we all used to think back when a "Country" was an acceptable concept to the powerful.

Everyday we are being programmed by the media to believe its racist to value a Canadian over a visitor. As though patriotism itself is a form of hate. Caring about your history and your fellow Canadian is somehow throwing shade at everyone else. That words hurt more than bullets or ideologies so we can do away with free speech when the time comes. This is how they get you. Through policy to create deniability for themselves later. No single person is responsible or accountable.

Through your family. They leverage what you value personally against what you value financially. I call them the super voters. Overruling our every decision. Clutching pearls and sneering at our poor choice of words. If you don't cooperate willingly then expect a ministry to call all your clients with subtle threats that undermine your business. It's happened to me, and it will eventually happen to you. Hide everything. Produce something and then sit on it for a while; build a large bounty before you bother to sell it and build boodle because if it becomes known you have something just a little too valuable and it isn't state controlled...someone will come for it...and someone will come for you eventually, too.

Prepare yourself accordingly. Build on the invisible power we can all cultivate internally and when the time is right...make your government and all their "partners" choke on what you've created. It's called accountability and it's what people do when they love their country. Protect your enterprise and through it; your family.

Bill Hunting
Bill writes a lot about pioneering and production. A strong advocate of ones independent means of production.

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