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Globalism In A Nutshell

For years the elites have made an extraordinary claim. That they can run the world on the behalf of regular people in such a way that benefits everyone. So what is globalism? Is it really just Globalization corrupted by Socialism? According to American political scientist and former globalist supporter, Ian Bremmer, we can basically break down globalism into 4 principal elements of intent vs actuality.

Globalism is

That we have free trade and it’s good for everyone when in reality we know that if government doesn’t take care of the people who lose jobs then even if goods get cheaper many feel like they’re getting screwed.

It’s open borders and that always helps the economy but if the government doesn’t help those at home people start asking why new people are allowed in when locals are being ignored.

We have a big military and our allies support us so we’re gonna make sure we’re always helping them, too. The thing is most soldiers are poor, fighting far from their families back home and the benefits are insufficient. When they return from the hell we sent them to; the globalist system is too busy looking outside its borders to notice those within them.

Technology makes everything better for everyone when in fact we actually see that it’s accelerating job displacement and locking people into communication bubbles that are disrupting established markets and even the fabric of some democracies.

Globalism is the tragic result of socializing the capitalist potential of Globalization to serve rich ideologues.

These ideas led us to believe we’d be closer and that society would draw upon its best for support to benefit everyone. The globalist philosophy with mantras like One World and Open Borders… Free Trade only works well for the tiny group of people we begin to recognize as the globalist elite. We are trapped in a prison of betrayal where every corridor leads to more doors leading nowhere.

“Free trade” is far too often in practice just a euphemism for protectionism and big government power grabs.

So it’ no surprise when voters settle on a couple of desperate solutions. Either they stop voting at all because the system is so rigged it’s a waste of time…or vote for someone who promises to tear it all down. Globalism gave us Trump. Still love it? We could have had [Insert Leader Here], a true icon, but [No Name] didn’t bother running in a climate of “for-profit” slander and Sleazy Porn Lawyers.

Japan rejected globalism in favour of globalization… has almost no immigration…quality of life is improving…their workforce is decreasing…are paid better and they’re constitutionally forbidden from going to war anywhere.

Globalization opens doors for real entrepreneurs, not just government partners. Labour is respected because market forces provide more reasonable leverage. Wages make sense. Taxes are appropriate without playing favourites. All the things Globalism claims to aspire to, yet, socialistic exploitation betrays its true nature. The ideological motivation of a “managed economy” over meritorious “free market” shows it for the primitivism nonsense it really is.

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