Socialism is tricky. It often wears the cloths of another animal to fool its prey. The proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing. Even in Star Trek people get replicators confused with capital production. Printing a book isn't the same as writing it.

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How To Identify Real Socialism Without Sounding Paranoid

Vigilance is the price of freedom.

At any given time; the liberals or the conservatives may fall victim to the attention and fawning of the socialist parasite. Depends on who holds the strings of power at the time. This makes it easy to blame the left or the right for the damage socialism causes. Having no loyalty or specific reason for existing beyond the control and consumption of available goods; the socialist will happily pretend to be one or the other. Thus is the despicable nature of those without purpose or principals. So how do we identify something without clear defining characteristics?

The answer is history and effects. There are tells. Just like anything. There are signs of the socialist in every action one takes whether they realize it or not. For if we draw conclusion from their activity we see the inevitable result. Inflation, lack of productive capacity; ever increasing social network to "watch over" the people; over-dependence; lack of self-esteem; and dominance of foreign labour interests in our economy erasing our heritage. Prior investment is the enemy of socialism so it tends to go after it aggressively. Watch for this give away.

Socialists wear Conservatives as suits on Sunday; Liberals on Monday and then starve to death by the weekend.

The approach in implementing the final solution varies but ultimately that's just a matter of convenience. From oldest to newest we have Theocracy, Monarchy, Communism, Fascism, and Corporatism; these are the most common forms we've had direct experience with. Left or right; it doesn't matter. A parasite will work through a Conservative on Sunday and then a Liberal on Monday. They have no standards of their own; can't work hard enough to earn personal character.

Each has its dominant face; the peer to peer or the client server. Some control production facilities, client server, papacies; and others control people; peer to peer; stock market, temples. Often the difference is lost on scholars and they mis-conclude that socialism is only peer to peer or client server; left or right but not both...not either. This is where it hides like a shadow in the darkness. Virtually invisible, but the calamity in its wake reveals its true nature. This is what confuses the rational. We ask what are its motives; but it doesn't have any beyond simple consumption. Socialists are the locusts ignorantly laying waste to the farmer's hard work.

For example Communism controls production by taking the farms and the factories. It takes into state ownership all means of making anything so that by extension the people are subdued and dependant on the dictates of the state. Sadly, because socialism can't make anything it eventually destroys industries; having destroyed the lives of its greatest producers as threats to its power. This is why so many starve under Communism. As with all socialism no matter its incarnation; freeloading grows; production diminishes; inflation runs away and it all comes crashing down around us.

Socialism rots the will and numbs the conscience. Consider the Nazis and their brand of socialism. We call is fascism but it was always a form of socialism. Just as the Conservatives have a weakness for religion and monarchies; so the Liberals have economics and cultural conditioning. The hierarchy of virtue. In the words of Hitler himself:

"There is no license any more, no private sphere where the individual belongs to himself. That is socialism, not such trivial matters as the possibility of privately owning the means of production. Such things mean nothing if I subject people to a kind of discipline they can't escape...What need have we to socialize banks and factories? We socialize human beings."

Hitler left private ownership in place; in fact he was a huge supporter of private ownership; he just wasn't keen on the freedom of those owners. By controlling the people directly there was no need to control factories and farms like the Communists try to do. Control of production comes naturally through the applied pressure of the Nazis allowed to own them. This is the insidious nature of the peer to peer socialism we often mistake for right wing fascism. A mix of the individualism of conservatism with the socialist indifference that erodes meritorious production and replaces it with a fraction of the value in the hands of the controlling special interests.

Whether it's a crown or a ministry; the result is the same. Whether it's client server; vertical; top down, or peer to peer; horizontal; round and round, the results are the same. Those who produce are displaced by those who want what they have and aren't willing to work hard and make it themselves. Instead these ministers; bureaucrats; autocrats; kings and queens; priests and imams; CEOs and stock brokers; steal our boodle through manipulation and trickery.

And we are so busy fighting over the correct nomenclature of the suit the socialist wears we fall for their games over and over. Political correctness. Promises of unity and prosperity that just never seem to arrive. Today let it be said clearly that the socialists are wearing the liberals just as Hitlers liberal movement did in the 30's. Free speech; authorized by the state. You can do it your own way; as long as its done just how we say.

Today we are dealing with peer to peer internet. Facebook and Google and the main stream media; curating our information. This isn't the workers party socialism. This is the virtue signalling; stick it in your face and make you smell what they consider wrong; neo-victorian breed. The peer to peer; post-modernist, control the people and by extension control their stock; their property; their motivations and their production. They orient the willing toward their own doom; and feed on their dreams in the process.

IT feeds on you and me; the way a spider feeds on a fly; hapless in a web its been spinning quietly in the background; in the shadows while we are distracted. As we chase what we don't deserve we make it stronger; when we fail to rise to the occasion; we make it stronger; when we give in; give up; it comes closer for the lethal bite. And what do we get back in return for our sacrifice upon its altar?


Crystal Vase
Crystal comes from an island no-one can find on a map. She writes primarily about politics.

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