Specific ideas have optimal outcomes and general ideas produce approximations with higher overhead. Less specific is less relevant and thus less valuable.

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How To Kill The Patriarchy

Sometimes a system has to die; here’s how to do it.

Therefor, destroying any system's productive capacity requires interference in the ability to produce a specific result of any kind. Deter original thought to reduce the precision of the system. Drive it toward adopting ever less specific policies and thus returns. The more vague and contradictory the better because everything has a cost.

The less precise; the more expensive. Competition takes care of the rest.

If you really want to destroy an organization just join it and then do a really shitty job. The modern capitalist must assume at least some of their staff is incompetent by design.

What're general policies and how do we apply them? Well, a general policy is political. Where specific policies define the work flow, general define the social behaviour the rest of the time. Start with a fun and inclusive Community Engagement Initiative. The key is to impose arbitrary cultural norms on groups so the individual has no direct grievance to resist. Quickly remove those who do by showing non-compliance to work place rules. Then change those norms irregularly to prevent reestablishment of precision. The point here is to destroy old optimizations and deny development of new ones.

Pa·tri·arch·y (pātrēˌärkē) noun

a system of society or government in which a demographic is head of the family and descent is traced through the demographic line.

a system of society or government in which a demographic holds the power and other demographics are largely excluded from it.

a society or community organized on patriarchal lines.

Specific policies relate to the core mission. The know how; the process; the production and money making. Exactly defining the parts in motion that achieve the goal of any particular system. Even if the general policies don't directly interfere with work flow the budget displacement strains production and the politically banished labour will pay dividends...oh pardon me I mean reduce them.

Corners get cut; critical staff are replaced with more generic labour that produce less and ultimately consume any remaining value in the enterprise. This works on almost any organization or business. The only thing that can stop it is a capitalist with firm understanding of how a business is built and properly maintained. Plus the will to be hated publicly as their reputation is deliberately destroyed in the press and social media. Farmers are particularly stubborn. See Ukraine Holodomor.

The Poison Pill

This is so effective it works 99% of the time. It's called the poison pill for obvious reasons.

Strategy: Trying to achieve equal composition of all ethnicities will discriminate against the deserving. Those trying to achieve representative ethnic composition matching the local population will chase their tails endlessly as a country is ever changing.

Counter: Providing equality of opportunity rather than outcome presents the most cost effective approach to producing a fair return. Better than equal...fair. Fairness is progress; therefor progress is the antidote to irrelevance.

Quick Steps...1...2...3...4

1: Start post-modern culture war to define new ideal way of life.

Achieve this by a three part scorched earth approach. a) Shit all over anything from the past; good or bad. All must be burned to the ground. Be the spark, that lights the fire that burns the old culture down. b) Simultaneously, give a complete pass to anyone willing to cleave to the post-modern establishment's political correctness. c) The new standard of correct language and ideas must be celebrated at every opportunity with group signals to re-enforce the alienation of the non-compliant.

2: Demand equality (of outcome); because most are incapable of producing ideal life.

Raise a victim class, perhaps a racial quota, to grant the illusion of legitimacy and displace criticism. Define the community movement as a liberation. Nobody held an election so in order to presume the voice of a people one must a) speak often as though it's true and b) severely smear anyone else who makes a claim. You will never find a better human shield than those willing to let you represent them without personal accountability.

3: Legislate behaviour required to achieve equality.

It'll be clear the organization's culture has shifted enough toward the preferred social composition when the production loss is noticeable and customer complaints increase. However, this is the time to double down. Ironically, it has nothing to do with the specific ethnic composition so don't worry about accidentally hiring a good worker. Remember, this plan depends on the generalization of the specific; not on the specific composition of which we are applying as a convenient strategy. There are other themes for you to choose from. eg. Feminism, Unions, etc.

a) Make even more general rules. Double the staff meetings and double the amount of participants. b) Scream that general policies are not being followed well enough and production is suffering for it; fail to give specific examples. Complain that progress in the equality is lacking. c) Implement a de facto ban of any discussion about specific policies through a slow bureaucratic mechanism indefinitely blocking communication.

Fire someone just to make the point. Make sure their kids are there when you do it. A pointless and expensive picnic for "special staff" would suffice. Play the video later at the office on Youtube. Then give a speech lauding the virtues of the social safety net.

From this point forward; the enterprise will zombie along consuming and disrupting it's network as it winds down. Running out of resources or those willing to prop it up. Any other enterprise connected in the meanwhile will in time absorb similar behaviour. The good work of destroying the patriarchy or master race or whatever narrative you go with, can continue automatically. Go viral!

The revolution won't be televised.

Any system with a specific goal can be destroyed through the conversion of specific ideas to general principals to the cost of efficiency of purpose. The erosion to the specific result is constant and almost unavoidable once the process gets going. The abstraction of purpose; the sublime corruption. Walk through the ruins of broken lives knowing you are a champion of the people.

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