Verbotenous is a game built into Verboten Studio's website where Villains plot to take over the world and Minions do their Evil bidding. Anything that happens in Verbotenous has effects on the Verboten Legacy DLC.

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How To Play Verbotenous

A game of top villainy.

"The realm is dark. Verbotenous remains largely unexplored. Who will discover its deepest secrets...?" - Top Evil!

Craft and use real world items to push your story forward! (We are not responsible for any injuries incurred while making awesome stuff.)

REMEMBER: Villains are about developing talents like drawing and music where Minions are about developing skills like carpentry and building.

Moves are made by Messaging the Top Evil! with appropriate title and description. Once a move is made, simply wait for the reply to continue.

Snidely Whiplash Credit: Wikipedia, We're Evil, remember...we steal.

eg. [Request Class No 2] would be used by a new Minion trying to gain the Supernatural skill offered at the Academy of Minion Parts and Seines. A Villain would [Request Evil Plan 1] to get started with designing an Costume.

Always check the wiki and roster before you make a significant move. Information is power.
Villainous Vermillian

Tired of being invisible in a world stuffed with do-gooders and suck ups...Villains seek recognition of their diabolical genius. The respect, if not fear, of other villains who have tried and failed to secure the reputation of TOP VILLAIN! For the opportunities it opens up for their Evil Plans. Anyone named Top Villain! enjoys unparalleled power and prestige within our Fiendish Society.

Daily bonuses pay dividends so even the occasional visit moves your story forward in a productive way. That is assuming you make wise choices like a plotting pickle puss should. For there are dangers as well. Hazards that penalize your Minions and interfere with your Evil Plans. If you don't pay attention you might take on something you think is easy but does you in.
Slimy Catacombs Of Legal Status

If you forget where you were last time you played then just check the wiki roster. Look for your name and any related details to your current reputation. The Top Evil! keeps track of everything and everyone in an endless bureaucracy of slime. This includes who's playing, their level, their current status, lairs, wealth, reputations, etc.

The stats of every player are controlled by Top Evil! so conduct yourself accordingly lest ones Villainous reputation suddenly include Unicorn riding...through a magical forest...chasing bunny rabbits...disgusting!!!

Difference Between Jobs and Evil Plans

Jobs are for greedy little Minions posted by Villains based on the blueprint they receive through an Evil Plan. A Jobs posting will include special instructions and terms. Evil Plans are posted by Top Evil! to inspire regular Villains. They contain the blueprints of Evil. Villains can choose to pursue only one Evil Plan at a time.

Starting Villains need to get cracking on their Secret Lair! What are you waiting for? Evil Plans For Begging Villains

Fresh Minions need to go to the Academy of Minion Parts and Seines and train in some skills before a Villain will take notice.

Minions will find themselves earning Dark Gifts by working hard one job at a time. One day the coveted Golden Horseshoe could be yours. Special promotions and Minion of the Week! provoke all to simmer in envy. Stop wasting your time in the real world when you could be building your army of Evil right now!
How To Get Started

First you need to choose to be either a Villain or a Minion.
For Villains

Can you handle the the responsibility of keeping Minions busy? If you're an evil genius with a hunger for complex might be the kind of fiend we want in our Forbidden Society of Villainous Evil. We know what it's like to be deplatformed, disinvited, isolated...pushed to the margins. Get your sweet revenge with friends that appreciate your original ego! We are what the world made us.

Message the Top Evil! and you might just get access to our job network and an army of willing minions ready to make your evil dreams come true. Just post with [Villain Application] anywhere in your title and describe why you want to be a Villain. eg. "I'd like to be a Villain because I like to sow CHAOS. Wherever I go, CHAOS follows. If I see something just a little too orderly...I CHAOS it...each day I wake up thinking...Mwahahahahaha."
For Minions

Minions are greedy little bastards ready to sell out their own mother to please their villainous masters. Do you lack a will of your own? Do you like to blindly follow orders in the pursuit of evil? When a villain yells do you work harder? When slapped do you giggle with pleasure? If you're an excitable drone ready to serve any villain willing to reward you with evil gifts we want you in our Forbidden Society of Villainous Evil.

Get yourself a job serving a Villainous Evil today! Needy masters are waiting to give you mindless tasks right now! eg. Posting Verbotenous tweets, compiling evil research, editing evil literature, collecting evil resources. After all, what's a Minion without a master to make demands?

Message the Top Evil! with [Minion Application] anywhere in the title and describe why you'd like to be a Minion. eg. " need thoughts. Hungry. Greedy. Gimme, Gimme. I'm bored! Gimme somthin' ta dooooo."
You Make The Choices

We're watching and you could be the one we're looking for. Do you have what it takes to be the next Top Evil! or will you be the power behind the throne...accumulating wealth quietly without anyone noticing? Oh...and watch your back; another Villain might interfere with your Minions by drawing them off your jobs and onto their own if you're not paying attention. Some Villains will even pretend to be Minions to deliberately ruin your Evil Plan.

Top Hat
Currently the top villain in Verbotenous. If you see him/her/it... you won't even know it.

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