The monkey on your back is NOT a pet. Many fear Canada is going the way of Europe. Stuck behind a grow or die model compelling endless pivots away from meaningful purpose.

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In Debt We Trust

In hind sight we all could have made better choices.

Has our country become a corporation enslaved to global market forces? Less interested in the needs or dignity of its citizens than its position at international trade tables? Are we the customer or the stock holder of this great enterprise?

Canada owes over 1.3 trillion, 84.10% of GDP. Each Canadian's public share of debt is $34,902.00.

Look at your bank account and think back to the last time you had any serious savings. When did you last feel like you had any real say in your financial future?

There are reasons for why things are the way they are. It is not beyond the effort to understand so it's reasonable to wonder if you're alone. Are you particularly bad at saving for your kids? Why are you still living in an apartment as you approach 40,50, or even 60 years old? Is it too late to change my fate?

With the vast majority of Canadians in debt who really thinks this is working? How many careers must be destroyed to facilitate low skill job options for a consistently less productive working class? As quality of education continues its decline the minimum wage has increasingly devastating effect on the opportunities of young people to get on the job training. Employers can't afford the risk. Margins keep shrinking and tariff free cross border trade pressure to produce more volume at artificially low prices drive markets into the dust.

Some say we are secure as a techno-underclass for American companies that rely on our over educated, highly skilled, yet poorly paid work force. Call me skeptical. I don't feel like an underclass...but what does that feel like anyway?

Bonus Rant

Sometimes the curtain parts just a little bit and we see what we wish only moments later we'd never seen. That Trump and Hillary would be in the same circles should come as no surprise.

The charade continues, folks! The system is rigged and the ideals of the greatest generation are being forgotten by our young people. Ignore the past and doom the future. How do politicians keep tricking us? Why do we believe them when they say they've changed?

There is no need for a formal conspiracy when those of like interest align. The unconscious bias seems to present itself in many places. Trump and Hillary represent the classic political dynamic. This is what the term insider is really about...what Trump claims to be trying to escape and change. That institutional influence that always seems to overrule the rest of us.

They go to the same parties. They marry into each others families. They even go to the same schools. In Trump's case, they all go to his golf courses and clubs. Maybe they aren't bad people...ok, well maybe they aren't as bad as we think, that still doesn't change the facts. They are all insiders and that means we are the outsiders. Unless you were at that party. In which case...screw you.

The only way to be free of it in any meaningful sense is to get the government's list of auction-able items down to the shortest and least dangerous possible. Constraining State influence to the spheres it plays best in.

Bill Hunting
Bill writes a lot about pioneering and production. A strong advocate of ones independent means of production.

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