Feedback is an essential element of any market test which drives innovation and progress. Without it any producer is forever lost in the vast infinite of possibility.

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It Isn’t Your Data

This is why you don’t and shouldn’t own the data collected by services you use.

Only a market test can truly reveal which products and services are worthy of continuing another cycle. The inventor, the artist, the capitalist can't make a move without taking a risk.

It doesn't matter if you're a master, there are no guarantees when it comes to capital production. You CANNOT produce anything of high order without a processes of analyzing your audience while using the service. The first and most obvious capitalization, the fundamental benefit of feedback data is in the knowing eye of the composer taking these lessons and baking them into the next cycle.

"To be successful online, a magazine can't just take what it has in print and move it to the electronic realm. There isn't enough depth or interactivity in print content to overcome the drawbacks of the online medium..."

A true pioneer finds ways to leverage every opportunity to greater profit in the face of entropy's diminishing returns. Big data companies have discovered they can sell the data to others in a better position to use that data to add even more value. Some of them are advertisers, but some of them are medical labs, technology development firms, etc. The busybodies would have you believe this is an imposition on those who inspired the data... on you. That someone is making money on your information and like any author you deserve your piece of the pie.

Well you weren't an author. You used someone else's property and got benefit from doing so and now you come back later once all the hard work's been done, all the risk carried so far. All the innovations and relationships forming a market that didn't even exist when you signed up for Assface. (This is not a defense of Assface which is a shitty company for any number of other reasons but collecting data on users isn't one of them) The processing of that data into anything usable at a volume anyone cares about and then hold out your hand like some entitled... well I could use a naughty word here. I'll just say that Mona had a great smile, but she was no Leo da Vinci and if her grand kids suddenly come around looking for some easy money you know where to tell them to find it. On Assface.

"...some content companies are experimenting with subscriptions, often with the lure of some free content. It's tricky, though, because as soon as an electronic community charges a subscription, the number of people who visit the site drops dramatically..."

By using a service voluntarily you have already accepted that a provider has every right to use this exchange opportunity to produce new value. This is what Capitalism is all about... producing new wealth by accumulating value through compounding capitalization. Now that might bother the Marxists but we know why don't we. Because they can't control, in advance, the exchange conditions and make sure the lower yield profits are skimmed into their greedy little hands... on your behalf don't ya know even as they destroy most of the potential. They'll happy use you to ruin the very service you used which collected the data in the first place.

You might call the Capitalists greedy, but at least they made something you can afford. You didn't have to use their website. You could have just as easily gone elsewhere or made a similar service yourself. Now you hear a growing chorus of famous "technology" personalities with broad claims on private property they had no part in creating or maintaining. They watched Twitter for the trend word of the day, pointed their fingers', and raised their banners. They crusade to stop any capitalization from happening down the road because these people are already rich and want to keep you poor. If you think they care about your "data rights" you're exactly the kind of naive, big hearted softy they're looking for.

" will liberate publishers to charge small amounts of money, in the hope of attracting wide audiences. Those who succeed will propel the Internet forward as a marketplace of ideas, experiences, and products-a marketplace of content." - Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder, Dark Lord, Enemy Of Opensource, Internet Exploiter being completely wrong in this 1996 prediction of the future of the internet. (Steve Jobs was way cooler, anyway.)

Imagine a world were artists can't develop their craft because they aren't allowed to know which painting, song, or sculptures were liked or disliked. They aren't allowed to count the viewership who pass through their studio or go to their shows and then use that number to score a record deal or a better placement in a larger studio. A draconian dystopia where you can't post pictures you took of your presentations for promotion which can lead to sales. Perhaps an online foody magazine would buy some of those photos you took of all those empty plates left after your garden concert. Or a local bakery would pay to know which baked goods were popular.

If the data crusaders get their way then all derivative capitalization becomes a violation of the audience they pretend to represent. They demand a world where an army of nobodies who haven't paid a dime or carried a nickle of risk who used a service to their own benefit can then assume ownership of your analytics, which is your property, and more importantly claims on your future capitalization. It's as infuriating as the idea that Disney is beyond parody as their corporate loyalists constantly screech.

Well, my friends... Disney doesn't get to stop you from capitalizing on Mickey Mouse in perfectly legal and hilarious ways and you have no right to stop Disney from measuring which rides you enjoy the most and then profiting from that information. The data crusaders claim information collected by Assface and others is user owned intellectual property as though the user had written a book and they're the agents hired to manage an authors affairs.

As though the website is stealing their sonnets then stubbornly refusing to credit the composer. What nonsense. Every business making sustainable decisions is able to do so exactly because the customer DOES NOT own the data produced while using their service. That the producer is free to capitalize on that information is the very essence of free enterprise and any producers central right protected as such.

In closing just remember these all important words next time someone says you can sell your personal information like there's some magical open market because 'hey look Assface is doing it!'...remember... remember... remember...

"You ain't nobody!" - Eddie Murphy

Aesh M. Daeva
Looking for the frayed edge of the Universe.

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