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Ithliam Is Many Things In Many Worlds

Ithliam is an epic horror novel, video game, and content module in Verboten Legacy.

By I. Am. Verboten

Henry is a mysterious man with a dark history who hunts unusual things. He's been alive a long time.

Finally tracking his most dangerous adversary, Ithliam, to a remote town in the abandoned prairies. As events unfold, he rediscovers his past and the source of his arcane power.

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Ithliam's corrupting influence is spreading and Henry must stop him before it's too late. An ecosystem of horrors stand between them as he confidently pushes further toward the inner sanctum and the final confrontation. Nothing he hasn't seen before...

Yet all is not as simple as it appears and neither is Ithliam.

It's soon apparent Henry faces something unique. Something - personal - if only he could remember. Beyond powerful. Ancient even by his own standards. It's equally clear he needs help. Luckily, some every day heroes rise to the occasion.

Ethereal forces collude drawing in key players, some vulnerable allies and a few extraordinary terrors. A tenuous balance appears to delay Ithliam as there are other principalities trying to seed their demonic influence.

A dark force deep in space. He can feel it in the fabric of the universe, among the oldest of things. As Henry learns the truth about who he really is, enlightenment unlocks his total potential. Offering an opportunity; a chance to save what matters most from the inevitable conflict between oblivion and ultimate evil. Or will he choose to walk away?

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I. Am. Verboten
I. Am. Verboten is a mysterious ghost of an author wondering through the studio as if he owns the place.

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