The assassination of popular American President John F. Kennedy in Dallas summer of 1963 revealed the vulnerability of modern political leaders. The deep state has and will do anything to achieve its purpose. Even kill for it.

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JFK - Risking Everything For…What?

Less than 20 years later John Warnock Hinckley Jr. attempted to assassinate U.S. President Ronald Reagan in Washington, D.C., on March 30, 1981, as the culmination of an effort to impress actress Jodie Foster. If the professionals don't get you; the amateurs will. This is the essence of vigilantism.

Consider the massive rallies modern candidates like Donald Trump hold and the growing violence of social justice warriors and their neo-communist backers Antifa. Will history repeat itself as it so often does? All the more poignant with the recent mass shooting in Vegas. The most horrific in American history so far. We remember when a young misguided anti-Trump protester tried to take a gun from a police officer in June last year at a Trump rally in Las Vegas. Luckily, he failed and was arrested without further incident.

The organizing principle of any society, Mr. Garrison, is for war. The authority of the state over its people resides in its war powers. Kennedy wanted to end the Cold War in his second term. He wanted to call off the moon race and cooperate with the Soviets. He signed a treaty to ban nuclear testing. He refused to invade Cuba in 1962. He set out to withdraw from Vietnam. But all that ended on the 22nd of November, 1963. - JFK, the movie.

Recall the exploits of Reality Winner; the aptly named bureaucrat jailed earlier this year for sneaking out classified documents from the State Department. She genuinely believed she was doing the right thing. This comes from lack of respect for the election process. When enough people don't believe or don't want to believe the system works as intended.

When Trump makes conventional choices like Mike Pence for VP or Neil M. Gorsuch for Supreme Court, he's clearly speaking to that fear. Sober and thoughtful choices. So un-Trumpian. Very confusing to the establishment who assume he's insane. An olive branch, maybe?

I doubt even Oliver Stone will bother thanking Trump for releasing the JFK files as promised. Politics has driven such a dividing wedge between left and right in America.

All of the world wants to see those documents and after 50 years it'll be Donald J. Trump who gives them to us. Well..I'll say it then...thank you, sir!

As with any gambit we'll all just have to wait and see if it pays off. Some find it remarkable that Trump continues his rallies post election. He he risks everything...for his audience. Either he's incredibly vain or genuinely believes with all his heart in his vision for America. So much that he's willing to risk his own life. It's kind of inspiring.

Yet, still I wonder. Is it worth it for today's politicians to put their necks out given the price to ones character and personal life? And how little they are likely to accomplish. The deep state is an established network of hired guns and lifers. When the elected go home; the deep state remains and has to live with the consequences.

Good or bad, the press will eat anyone if they don't push the approved narrative. They don't want another JFK. The donor class won't fund candidates unless they bring the votes with them. To essentially self-fund; to stand on a stage in front of millions of fans and even more enemies. Bravery... or crazy. Maybe Trump's both.

To even get involved in politics today is to risk everything...which is why so few of any real worth bother. Are you curious why politicians can be so universally hated and still get elected? Lack of viable alternatives. The opportunity has been leveraged long before we see their faces on TV or hear their names on the radio. Groomed; they go to the same schools and they believe in the same things. Those smart enough to stay off social media until they're in their 30's.

It takes ordinary people of extraordinary courage to run for office without deep state support. At the time few will appreciate it, and maybe most never will, but if not for those who really want to fix important problems, we'd all be living in mud and wiping our asses with bark.

Still the easiest way to get elected now is the same as anything else in the corporate world today. Get famous for something completely unrelated and then those with the real power will make offers. One of those offers will come with a title, more money, more influence, and of expected....the vote. Fame is the dominant currency of politics. Fame trumps money. Whoever bought Trump must be even bigger.

So who in the world is even bigger and more famous than Trump...

Oprah Winfrey?

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