Or is it still just a proxy power for an absent King running on auto-pilot while Ottawa's bureaucratic class pull the strings? The West feeds the East and the East taxes the West. Families farm and the regulations direct the product to Eastern well-to-dos.

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Laurentian Elite

Is Canada really its own country?

Saskatchewan is currently the most profitable economy of all the provinces and territories yet the quality of life is bottom of the barrel. The wealth doesn't stay here. Our small towns are dying.

Dissent is punished in Canada; to brave an opinion is to risk unemployment and isolation. The alt-right has so completely destroyed good taste everything smells like shit. Any attempt to promote your own product is systemically trashed by the virtuous know-it-alls who assume authority over common sense. - Me (Yes, I block quoted myself. Deal with it.)

Oh, we have our well-to-dos, too. But they mostly work for the government. There is a wage gap in this country, but it's not between men and women. It's between private and public sector. While producing no new goods or services a government employee will make almost twice what the equivalent job would pay in the private sector. The one thing a bureaucrat will never do is cut his own wages down to match the natural market rate.

How can we make sense of all this?

First, I assume all politicians are deceptive and self serving because I've been an adult for more than ten seconds. Then I assume bureaucrats are still addicted to socialism in spite of all the dead it left in its wake during the 20th century. I notice the socialist economic strategies and the identity politics that our politicians play. Then I start to wonder if justice can be served? Is this system just too well optimized for primitivist ideologues?

Do we live in a real country or do we live around a special class who regulate everything and profit more off the production of our people than the people themselves? Can Ottawa continue to hold us hostage with endless social programs combined with media campaigns designed to turn us into demographics? Bought and sold. Represented by un-elected associations given more power than they deserve by government intent on standing at every door... on every street.

"When I fought to protect my land and my home, I was called a savage. When I neither understood nor welcomed his way of life, I was called lazy. When I tried to rule my people, I was stripped of my authority." Chief Dan George, July 1, 1967

Just look what our federalism does to our Indian partners. Relegated to third world conditions in a reserve system where they can't capitalize on natural resources or participate in the broader economy. They have to work through band authorities who are proxies of federal control. A small mirror reflection of what happens to each province in turn if they don't tow the line.

Our politicians are more concerned with the opinions of technocratic powers like Google and Facebook than powerless citizens. In a sense we have more say as faceless consumers than as constituents. Everyone knows it's impossible to get elected without corporate support. Even if some ambitious young candidate tries something honest for a change, their term limit will be up before it's implemented and Google will make sure her name never appears on a search result again. Facebook will promote only negative commentary and then innocently claim it's the algorithms.

Has there ever been a more obvious example of unaddressed anti-trust. Facebook makes money on other people's content just like Google. If a regular publisher started giving away other peoples books with an ad slapped on the cover they'd be sued into oblivion. The big tech club gets a pass while businesses go under all around them. Guess which candidate won't get any positive news coverage if she doesn't kiss the throne, own some stock...play the game. Digital brinkmanship on a scale never before seen.

We read in the news that Obama and Trump both used Facebook data to win. Private information that Facebook was legally obliged to protect. The truth is they were never intending to protect our private information. Not when it gives them so much power to sell to the very people who we trust to hold them accountable.

This is a natural fit in Canada. Ottawa runs the provinces in a similar way. It controls all the ins and outs at the border. Defines federal labour standards and taxes exactly were necessary to discourage and encourage the economic activity they prefer. Nameless bureaucrats who we never get to face can literally put us out of business with a stroke of a pen... and do...the moment our business is in their way.

Scott Moe is the 15th and current Premier of Saskatchewan, and a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan for the riding of Rosthern-Shellbrook.

Saskatchewan opposes the carbon tax and what is the federal liberal response? Spend precious taxes on a smear campaign designed to destroy our duly elected premier, Scott Moe and any attempt the Sask Party makes to protect our heritage and industry. 500 million dollars in a slush fund to reward any organization willing to sell out its people for some silver bars.

Pathetic abuse of power by ideologues given authority by our own apathy.

We have to pretend we believe certain things and we have to use certain words or we are fired. Every industry is saturated with trade groups running on government money so there is no reasonable way to earn market share without political compliance. In Saskatchewan it was always fascinating watching the provincial government switch parties. Practically half the province loses their jobs and the other half gets hired. This demonstrates how little of our economic success in Canada is real and how much is just a reward for complying to the royal decree.

You see, Canada is a kingdom, not a democracy. The King is dead and the nobles have taken over the armoury. The serfs farm and the magistrates walk around in lavish robes, noses turned up, scoffing at those with dirty hands. No it can't be fixed. It is what it is and it's why anyone with real talent leaves for the American markets.

Perhaps, we need a new government system entirely. A new democracy built from scratch where we can vote for our leaders and not for their party. Where private enterprise is respected for feeding us. Partners who bled for this land like the Cree and the Metis have a preferred position in line ahead of tourists who enjoy our bounty without having yet earned it.

Do you get it now? We aren't free. We never were.

Crystal Vase
Crystal comes from an island no-one can find on a map. She writes primarily about politics.

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