Programming is a royal art. It's challenging, exciting; Everyday new programs are changing the way we function, but in today's commercial landscape it seems to be more and more about the latest consumer trend.

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Life Is A Role Programming Game

Is there a cheat code?

Maybe this model fits better with the general nature of corporate promotional best practices. High volume, low cost marketing savvy, but I miss the days when it was more about pushing possibilities than profits. When sales and marketing had less to say and more to learn.

Think big! We control the machines, do something with that, please.

It's the programmers, engineers and artists that make these products(we are talking code not ice cream) and it's these important, often invisible people who need to be valued so they will improve their skills and discover new algorithms and ways to apply them in both art and business. So they can push the boundaries of what sci/tech can achieve for everyone.

Technology may have democratized the development of a large amount of cool stuff in the consumer markets but we can do better. Until more of us find a way to break the current distribution and promotion model, no one will ever see the great works of so many talented people who can't, for whatever reason, compromise their unique vision.

Development isn't the end of the story and what point is there in having easy access to tools to create with when it will always cost you more than you have to promote. Your ideas, blood and tears, and in the end the networks/investors will try to own more than you; Control more than you; And claim credit more than you or maybe they will just bury you to make a point by funding your competition. Resist this, learn to negotiate or hire someone you trust who can.

Stand up to and for the digital economy. Add to it. Cut out your own market share and define it. Programmers have a powerful gift and a responsibility to apply it wisely. The art of a programmer can for example organize medical staff and equipment to reduce wait times as effectively as she can help a business scale into new markets. It doesn't all have to be an Easter egg hunt for the next mobile sensation. Think big! We control the machines, do something with that, please.

It isn't enough to be a developer with a cool idea anymore. You NEED to organize, involve experts who may not be digitally proficient, working groups that include media people and administrators. Form strong partnerships and be very picky about who those partners are. In other words focus on the basics and build a real business solution that uses as much of your own technology as possible.

One of the greatest moments of my early career was when I realized that to be successful at building my dreams I had to use my programming skills "outside the box". Before that key insight as long as I was making money, as long as I was coding, I was happy, but the potential impact of my code was very limited. Awesome code, little impact. Sound familiar?

I was also 19 and the next several years was characterized by an almost obsessive desire to be the best programmer I could be. I was always working, always trying to write something today that made yesterday look like last year and tomorrow like some secret world almost within reach that only I could see. It was a selfish way to program, I've learned to do better and I have my business and all the wonderful people I've worked WITH to thank for it.

Oh and by the way; 20+ years in I still program every day, do you?

Aesh M. Daeva
Looking for the frayed edge of the Universe.

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