When exploring the realm a character has access to any resource encoded within their reputation in the game Roster.

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Lifestyles Of The Ripped And Shameless

Crafts, traps, and other devious devices discovered by Verbotenous explorers.

What a player chooses to use or not use is up to them, but choose they must and carefully...for one wrong move can be fatal. This ever growing list of notable items reflects the hard work of the Diabolic Diabolites compiling the stories of Verbotenous explorers. Archiving all discoveries within the Slimy Catacombs Of Legal Status for our benefit.
Real World

Most real world items used in the game can either be made, purchased, or traded on /r/verboten with some obvious exceptions. Perishables like some food items, might not be trade-able. But hey who can say? Wanna buy a month old jack-o-lantern?

Dice | sides: 4, 6, 8, 10, and 20 | Any hobby store has dice and they are easy to make with paper and coloured markers.

Treasure Chest | A give or take 2x1ft box made of cardboard or wood, etc. Crafted to resemble a classical treasure chest of any kind. Pirate, Egyptian, etc. Stores the boodle generated over time by Minions playing Verbotenous.

Traveler's Card | Used by Minions in remote location pictures when making an Offering to complete a challenge.

Tropical Fruit Bowl | A Villainous gift for the elderly to win favour in a community.
Realm Of Verbotenous

Crossbow - Does light damage (2) | ranged attacks. If the Minion can see the target then it's in range.

Humane Mouse Trap - Does no damage | Captures and holds small creatures alive. | Can be used once per day.

Mysterious Crystal (Unidentified) | No idea what this does if anything. It is shiny, though. It's assumed each colour does something different and unique.

Chip of Elucidation | Instant Skill. | Diabolic Diabolites will open up the brain of the Minion and insert a small chip containing knowledge about any skill the Minion wishes. | This effect is permanent.

Slightly Rusty Trowel | Does medium damage (3) | Discovered in the gardens of Ithliam it once belonged to the local groundskeeper.

"Magic" Lamp of Continuous Light | An unusual device, not magic exactly, but it seems to function as though it is. The thing about this lamp, however, is that it only gives off light when it's near a Companion Stone. The further it gets the more it sputters and fades.

Companion Stone | A common charm available from almost any merchant anywhere. They come in all colours or shapes and are often used to accent architectural design. Goes great in mosaic floor tile. Gives off a pleasant hum when touched so are sometimes used as path stones in gardens.

Troll Sh*t | Exactly what it says. Barrels of Troll dung with absolutely no useful value beyond stinking up an area beyond belief. If you wanna get rid of a bad tenant; this is one way to go about it.

Any realm item can be specifically requested from the Gremlin Merchant and may be concluded within the same day if terms are met and Top Evil! is available to give ascent. It takes as much as 24 hours for Diabolic Diabolites to assist the Gremlin in compiling a character specific list when browsing in hopes of a unique opportunity.

Top Hat
Currently the top villain in Verbotenous. If you see him/her/it... you won't even know it.

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