No lair? And you call yourself a Villain! Pathetic peon. Homeless heckler. Daydreaming dilettante drawing the hours away slowly like a knife...while hard working Minions pound sand every day to build lairs for better masters.

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verbotenous liquorice lairs

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Verboten Publishing Ltd.

Liquorice And Lairs

How to make better dragon slayers.

Stop twiddling your tentacles and start planning your future.
Diabolical Lab

Forbidden research conducted under cover of darkness...our Diabolical Diabolites explore every crack of knowledge for something useful. When they find something interesting the research is distilled and published into Diablolical Tweetables.
Forbidden Factory

Every Minion must start somewhere. Printed in a Factory of Ghoulish Evil seems fitting since they're all so expendable. They even look and sound give or take the same. The only thing that sets a Minion apart is what they've built and what they've done with it.

When a Minion dies; they are reprinted at the Factory. It takes 24 hours to print a new body.
Isolated Tropical Island

There is a small island full of secrets in the forbidden seas just off the coast of one knows anything about it.
Amusement Park

Fun for the whole family...of Minions! Bring the kids and show them the benefits of Villainy. Life is better up here. The giant wheel...with the stainless steel blades. The drowning pool is always a scene. And don't forget to stop by the concession where face painted Minions laugh as you count up half your tickets for a snow cone.
Small Town Church

The locals will hang on your every word. Preach! Teach the Minions what Villainy means. Watch as they scatter in all directions to fulfill your vision. Anointed from on high...the Top Evil! You are a pillar in your community. Who would ever suspect your true intentions...

Our Diabolic Diabolites are always discovering new lairs to make available to our Society of Forbidden Evil. A re-purposed lair left behind by another Villain after it's no longer needed is common enough.

Sometimes, however, a legend crawls from the pits and drags something old up with it. A comfortable realm to inhabit on this plane yet soon abandoned as ancient masters are ultimately drawn elsewhere. Such lairs are highly coveted by ambitious Evil. They come with all kinds of new tools and opportunities so when you see your chance...grab it!

Top Hat
Currently the top villain in Verbotenous. If you see him/her/it... you won't even know it.

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Rules Of Verbotenous Game Play
Verbotenous is a dominantly turn based game where Villains plot to take over the world and Minions do their Evil bidding.