The making of a Verboten Legacy is the story of a diabolical production engine hidden within a puzzle to protect the world. Can you find your way into the Verboten Advanced Production Park? Do you dare?

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literary crypto game content creators

Currently worth 33 studio credits. Sign Up to earn credits reviewing member content. Credits can be applied to discounts on studio services both in store and online.

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Verboten Publishing Ltd.

Literary Crypto Game For Content Creators

Official game guide for Verboten Legacy.

Verboten Legacy is a browser based point and click literary game used to create the content a producer needs to access the Verboten Advanced Production Park (which may or may not be real... in whole or in part) rumoured to be near Verboten Studio in Preeceville, Saskatchewan.

Some say the park was build by the Founder as a place for artists, inventors, musicians, creators of all kinds to create their life's work in peace. Eventually a small, but powerful secret cabal of rogue producers wrestled control of the park from the Founder. However, the Founder's technology protected him. VAPP served only one master trapping all within.

Assumed dead. Forgotten. Years pass when the "troubles" begin... and rumours again circulate about activity deep in the forest... deep underground.... beyond the lake. While Verboten Studio remains silent, Preeceville shakes ever more violently until everyone flees and the entire RM is shunned by all surrounding communities. An evil place best avoided.

After years of searching you've finally discovered the location of Verboten Studio... or its ruins anyway. Not a soul in sight for at least an hour. A forgotten place. A remnant of better times.

What you find upon exploring the area both excites and intimidates you. This once thriving studio which produced so many fine works many decades ago has fallen deeply into decay and disrepair. It will take courage to resurrect her as there's almost nothing left but her bones.

"The Loss is real. Preeceville is devastated. Mrs. McPhereson is beside herself and no longer tends to her roses. The Loss is real." - Fragment from Preeceville historical documents discovered in a desk at town hall decades later.

During the era played in Verboten Legacy, Mrs. McPhereson, has become a pile of bones in her flower garden. Adventuring producers might find inspiration in her simple life as her story is now yours.

Not so long ago I was just like you. These ideas inside me wanted out but I didn't have the means to produce the vision. Something always seemed to push me back down every time I tried to stand up. - Anthony Mountjoy

Introducing productive gaming. Studio level production. Story lines with a never ending supply of opportunity for producing quality works ready for publication in the same system that generated and refined the content in the first place.

What you earn you keep. Every Verboten Cryptocode accumulates value in some way related to the growing value of the game world. Like stock in your own virtual production facility.
The Goal Of This Game Is Multi Part

To discover the history of Verboten and solve the mystery of its forgotten legacy.
To learn how to earn by producing high quality content and mixes which span the entire range of creative practical skills.
To groom player generated content into collections of the very best.
To generate real money for producers with a strong incentive to produce more.

And to have fun!

By entering the VAAP (Verboten Advanced Production Park), players can peal back the curtain. As a secret member of the advanced production society responsible for all you see here. You will gain full access to Verboten Cryptocode features and the best opportunities to use them.

A Verboten Cryptocode is a unique [24 char] code you receive during special activities leveraging game stations. Associated with studio credits and content you earn playing the game. This replaces the need for a server side saved game based on user accounts. More credits earned producing content means more opportunities to work with the studio, advance in the game world, leverage our growing talent pool, content, and distribution network to generate real capital.
How To Make Real Capital With Studio Credits

Some of the features you unlock in the game world also unlock opportunities in real life. Important challenges in the game fundamentally require the player to create and submit fresh high quality content. You can use your credits to skip past certain challenges to reach target zones quickly or purchase other players' content to use in your own mix challenges.

Your best content can earn you real money by finding its way into paying mixes. Maybe even more than one at a time.

"Sooner or later your projector fails...the kid in the booth falls asleep...the film catches on fire..and when it does everything you've done here will be lost." - Obscure Film Critic

No install. No saved games. No log in or sign up. No cookies! NO RISK.

The further you get the more studio credits you earn associated with a single Verboten Cryptocode.

Remember... if you don't take the time to save a code then you forfeit all associated profits should content you've supplied while earning it ever generate real money through mix publications.
How To Play Verboten Legacy

Fast is fantastic. However, timeliness not speed; made possible by good decision making are the keys to this Kingdom.

This is a Literary game not a video game. It's all about information and imagination. Words and writing are the heart of it. Read... learn.... choose... earn. The more reflexively you play the more opportunities you miss and the smaller your payouts. Take the time to read EVERYTHING.

All you have to do is make good decisions over and over again. Simple... right?

Run out of cash and you have to adventure to find artifacts you can sell or earn credits through other creative means.

Do you have what it takes to restore the vision that Verboten was created to achieve? Cultivate a new generation of talent. Unlock the full distribution potential of Verboten Legacy. How far does Verboten reach beyond the studio? Where is the Founder? Why did he abandon Verboten all those years ago...or did he? There must be a way into his locked that dried blood on the floor...and what is an Automated Modular Theatre?

Avoid the traps and mechanizations of all that will rise against you. Bring your vision to the world and let nothing stop you!

Top Hat
Currently the top villain in Verbotenous. If you see him/her/it... you won't even know it.

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