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Magic Made Easy!

Magic tricks to inspire mysterious wonder.

Sensational Collection of Mystifying Pocket & Stage Tricks!

Please enjoy this recently rediscovered 19th century collection of genuine magician craft! Including tricks with cards or coins! A simple inoculation against Fraud…understanding as many simple tricks as you can. This is the real stuff, folks. Imagine the possibilities. Now you might reasonably ask why are we giving away these tricks on a publication dedicated to Capitalism and the Production it encourages? Because if we understand the distractions and miss-direction so common to a good magic trick we aren’t so easily fooled by the same distractions and miss-direction being employed with profit motive in the economy. The socialist is sneaky and is hungry for your boodle. It’s important to develop the skills necessary to recognize indirect manipulations.

Fun for the whole family and a great skill. A good magician can produce a lifetime of content…unforgettable experiences for the young and old alike. True capitalism.

Every kid deserves a chance to stumble upon a collection like this and it’s one of our great joys to re-discover and capitalize on forgotten content from great producers lost to the shadows of history. Let their production continue through us so a new generation can learn from their achievements and create new businesses. The show must go on.

We Have Hundreds of Amazing Parlor Tricks! Expect More In the Next Addition of Magic Made Easy.

We did not invent these tricks and claim only the credit for the discovery, restoration, formatting, and strategic derivatives. We can only apply this kind of treatment to works in the public domain; so our initiative depends on adding value to rare works.

To help protect against grifters and flimflams we recommend you learn as many tricks as you can at a rate of one or two a day. Even if you don’t practice each trick, read and understand how they work.

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What Is Magic?
It's mystery. It's wonder. It's the seemingly impossible feat expanding our conception of what's really possible. Those who witness it are forever changed and for those who practice it... deeper truths are revealed.