Profit is capital gains; not commodity exchange. Cultivation of new wealth. Production not trade. Wall street ISN'T capitalism. It's corporate socialization of market accountability through investor and advertiser subsidization.

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Mastering Capitalism

If we can’t serve ourselves well what are we doing for others?

Be a pioneer, not a marketeer. Pioneers are among the most inspiring Capitalists of the various kinds.

Plants produce toxins to deter... perfumes and fruit to attract. Selfishly dedicated to their own survival through a limited range of influence. From this basic evolutionary mechanism we have learned to treat illness and cure disease with medicines made of materials intended for very different things. What is toxic to one is medicine to another. This is capitalism at its best.

To be a good master one must first learn to be a productive servant then we must master ourselves to better serve others. Through this approach one can produce even greater returns. Employment may pay the bills...for now, but it's rooted in manufacturing which is always fighting the horizon of obsolescence. Seek instead the hard rewards of cause and effect. Measurement and response. Understand how and why so one can produce more than one consumes.

A man standing tall with dirt under his nails and not a penny in his pocket is worth infinitely more than a man sitting with eyes on his shiny shoes, a clean suit, and a fresh cheque from his master at the Ministry of Free Stuff(stolen virtue).

The master of capitalism creates a new path. Covets the moniker "Pioneer". Builds an idea and improves how we do everyday things. They figure out how to sow a field and why to use any particular seed given market conditions. While the value is "growing" the capitalist is already setting up the harvest. Establishing customers for the supply. Designing and building machines both hard(real) and soft(digital), hiring labour to facilitate the manufacturing process of extracting that return.

Capitalism is the production of goods and services. Trade and resource extraction are higher level additions to Capitalism called Marketeering. Capitalists are pioneers. They produce new wealth directly. At best Marketeers produce indirectly and usually not at all.

The demands of competition distill, to varying degrees, the good from the bad. The voluntary nature of sales restrains the cost of development by supplying clear goals for capitalization. A baker wants to see old friends break bread. A singer wants to see their audience sing along. The only way a capitalist gets ahead is by producing something others actually want or need.

A master can produce far more at lower cost by utilizing their own "inner servant". These extra resources can then go into even further production through scientific enterprise. Where the ideologue drives blindly into any market they happen to have a product or service for... a master capitalist, instead, does research and learns what they can about interesting markets.

Careful not to disturb them. What has that market done in the past? Is there still value to be extracted there by lost opportunities or is it a full house already making new opportunities more expensive? Which past investments have paid off? What ARE the past investments because absolutely every market is a reflection of the ongoing compounding progression of prior investments good or bad.

Those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it. A Capitalist calls this waste(-d opportunity). Use the latest data you can find and combine it with the data you already have.

The less one knows or understands about their intended market the more expensive it will be for everyone involved. Doesn't mean you shouldn't do it, but do it knowing the way these things work so you can price accordingly. The entire supply chain is effected by this principal. It is the practical essence of the old saying "location, location, location" and "pricing yourself right out of the market".

Yet this is in fact where capitalism excels. The capacity cultivated from employing it is always grooming us toward greater returns. Even when entire enterprises crash and burn a new one is just around the corner. Too much poison and not enough medicine is an opportunity for something different. Our "writers block" is overcome by necessity, proven techniques, and natural opportunities. So long as the cosmos keep producing the business cycle a master capitalist can find a way to serve a practical interest.

Isn't it amazing that we all have this opportunity to be part of a great, big beautiful universe dedicated to solving problems and distilling value. A snow globe of potential. Shake it up. Add some stuff like time, physics and capitalism (who knows what else...). Watch what happens. Is there a better way to serve ourselves and others than that?

Bill Hunting
Bill writes a lot about pioneering and production. A strong advocate of ones independent means of production.

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