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Member Benefits

Verboten Studio is a serious place to make some very difficult things. In order to advance any creative skill talent requires a proper facility, equipment, privacy; access to opportunities to apply those skills.

  • Even basic membership grants you access to the live version of Verboten Legacy and a studio credit account.

  • Verified Artists can make a store or place their own inventory items into other stores for sale.

  • Each member is given access to a variety of tools depending on account status. Including scheduling, payment options, equipment rental(eg. Foley devices, Instruments), service requests, content editing tools, and even money making opportunities.

  • Members are encouraged to participate in our private Job Network by putting jobs in the Job Bank and accepting opportunities to collaborate with other studio talent. eg. Developing singers can earn experience and revenue by backing up another talent who's cutting their album. Some room usage requires tapping additional talent. eg. Audio Engineering, Test Audience, etc.

  • Recreation and Support rooms available for scheduling. Includes Control Room, Instrumental Chamber, Vocal Booth, Theatre, Performance Stage, Library, and Vault.

  • Routine Equipment included with room usage. Sound grooming adornments. Performance speakers. Monitor speakers. Cameras. Lights. Instrument and voice mics. Laptops in control room. Digital tool interfaces. Standard instruments. eg. Guitar, keyboard, drums. Specialty equipment can be provided upon request.

Click Here To Sign Up For Studio Membership.

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