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Money Matters - Because it effects your bottom line.

A collection of articles focused on money, debt, labour, and trade.
Understanding the difference between capital and commodity... production of new capital versus productive trade in currency/capital mixes is essential. Building a functional supply chain. Knowing the dangers of treating money as "defacto" capital is required for developing your independent means of producing prosperity for yourself and your community. Any individual can master Capitalism.

"More Money More Problems" is more literally true than you might think.

Dark Money Mysteries
Deflating our dreams with diminishing return.
We all know it’s out there because we feel its influence all the time, yet it remains hidden. It drives inflation perpetually raising the cost of doing business.

Zombie Debt
We try so hard to be rid of it, but it keeps coming back.
They say that if you role the dice you take what you get. Four out of five businesses fail so isn’t it just really hard to make money. Isn’t it our responsibility to accept our failures.

Bitcoin Isn’t Like Baseball
Like any currency… Crypto is only worth the production it represents.
The fallacy that drives so many people to invest in bitcoin once drove millions into pyramid schemes. It all comes down to a very rudimentary misunderstanding of what money is and how it works.

They Smile When We Want Free Stuff
Kneel to the administrative class.
What happens when someone offers you something without apparent cost? We hear a lot about Universal Basic Income these days. Is anything really free? How about lunch?

Working On A Drilling Rig
Advice given to new workers by the old guard.
A dear friend who has spent years working the fields brought this back with him. Thinking he should put it out there, but he didn’t know how. He’s concerned that these lessons aren’t being taught to the young crews and that accidents are gonna happen if they don’t smarten up. It’s a dangerous work area. I wish we knew the author, but he’s every roughneck, really. I gave this a clean up, corrected spelling, etc. Take from it what you can. Enjoy.

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