Friend or foe is a matter of perspective. Maybe you're the kind of deal making Villain that can play with the biggies...or are you a Minion tasked with maneuvering around a mysterious force?

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Monsters Are People, Too

Complete monster manual of Verbotenous creatures.

Monsters: Core Basics

Need a little something to help with a difficult challenge? When you've read this manual you have the power of...information. This list grows whenever a new non-player character is added to the game and includes hints for unlocking content.
Keepers Of The Realm
Madam Fate

A complex creature most often encountered during the resolution of a move requiring chance. She will keep in mind a number and the player must roll within a range to succeed. Only Top Evil! is allowed to see her true form. To the average Minion or Villain she's an elusive presence just beyond view while holding the future in her imagination.
Diabolic Diabolites

Sometimes a Villain finds their best place is to do Diabolic Duty in Diabolic Research And Development or if they really f*ucked up...the Slimy Catacombs Of Legal Status. Bad Villains join the ranks of Diabolic Diabolites and go to work maintaining the realm. Running background processes and general research efforts. [Ask Diabolites] with a question and they will try to find an answer. They search the deepest cracks for something useful and if nothing else they feed the exotic wildlife.
Wild Minions

In various lair territories there are native Wild Minions ready to worship the right Villain. When a lair's Villain is away the Wild Minions will play...and protect the homeland from invaders. They are wonderful and mischievous and...well let's be fair...they don't smell great. They love music and the key to taming a wild minion is to play and dance and have a good time.
Realm Dwellers
Demented Do-Gooder, Magic

Some claim it's a curse and others say it's a spell. No-one really knows for sure. A powerful legendary hero who's true name is lost in the darkness(of you're too low level to know). This Villain will kill as many as it takes to complete some twisted quest goal. There may even be a way to get DDG to complete a difficult Evil Plan on you're behalf...if you don't mind the blood on your hands. Send Top Evil! a [Request Do-Gooder] with the name of the Evil plan you'd like completed. You'll find out the price in the reply.
Elemental Arborist, Magic

A strange glowing plot of land appears majestically on the edge of Verbotenous. In the centre stands a thick tree and within it's shadow a thin vine of a man...grooming it. The Elemental Arborist can offer all kinds of tasty treats and magic services for the Minion looking for that extra something. Perhaps an Elixir that grants you Immortality...for a time. Send Top Evil! a [Request Arborist] with description (eg. Identifying an item) and the Elemental will respond to you with terms.
Gremlin Merchant, Supernatural

Rumour has it a Gremlin Merchant with diabolical devices for sale is moving into the neighbourhood. Minions will be able to peruse the wares and if they're willing to trade dark gifts perhaps there is a deal to be made. A device might just give an enterprising henchmen an edge in the job market. Send Top Evil! a [Request Merchant] and the Gremlin will be in touch with an inventory list for you to browse.
Threshold Lurker, Supernatural

What at first appears to be a door soon becomes a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Fail to identify the presence of a Lurker before it's aware of you means instant death. Can be anywhere there is a door. They tend to prefer magical doors and if one searches ahead of time...small antenna can be seen just near the "door hinges" giving it away. Blow on the antenna, yes I said blow, and the Lurker will instinctively retreat into the wall for a few minutes allowing you an opportunity to pass through the door way.
Killer Robot, Science Fiction

One morning when the sky was especially Evil...a local factory in a town called Moose Jaw birthed an abominable, stainless steel chunk of Evil. A robot more man than machine. Will kill any Minion for a price. An extraordinarily Evil price. Send Top Evil! a [Request Killer Robot] with the name of the target.
Handyman, Science Fiction

Will do what you can't in the game in return for what you can in the real world. The mysterious Handyman lives in a crashed space ship deep in the prairies of Saskatchewan. Far off the grid road. Doesn't like people, but likes to solve their problems. If you're struggling to get past a creature or a puzzle or just need a tip for how to produce something new then send Top Evil! a [Request Handyman] with the description of the problem. You'll find out the price in the reply.
Zombie Trenchman, Undead

Deep in the graveyard a militia of half rotten corpses shuffle around. Behind them is a tree...and behind that tree...a bush...and under that bush is a toe. It's attached to the zombified leg of the Trenchman. Sometimes a dead soldier...comes back. Maybe he can bring someone back for you, too. Send Top Evil! a [Request Trenchman] with the name of a dead Minion, pet, or companion and maybe the Trenchman will take pity on you.
Pink Python, Jungle

Sometimes when a Villain is cutting through the lonely jungle path they will come across a Pink Python coiled around a helpless Minion. If you want something posted in the Scoreboard for all to see then the price is one Minion per message and only one message per customer can stand at a time. Send Top Evil! a [Request Python] with the message and name of your sacrificial Minion. Only Minions that have worked for you qualify.
Crocodile Pit, Jungle

Sometimes a Minion needs to die. Incompetence. Failure. Sniveling weakness. Whatever the reason...we're not here to judge. If a Minion doesn't make a move for a long time...or for a Villain just message Top Evil! with [In The Pit Minion Within Employment' Name] and let nature take its course.
Legendary Fiends
Something Haunting Ithliam, ???

No-one has ever seen the creature and survived. Stay clear or perish. If you even feel the hint of this creature's breath upon your! Run hard! Run fast! And whatever you do...don't look back. Luckily, there are other lesser lurking evils to contend with first.
Common Dangers
Fluid Elemental

The product of dark magicks. A vortex of any fluid used in the ceremony that creates it. Some common forms include water, oil, and blood. Blind but attracted to heat it will consume any living thing it can. It can be tricked with certain magic items that mask a Minion's heat signature.

Top Hat
Currently the top villain in Verbotenous. If you see him/her/it... you won't even know it.

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Verbotenous is a dominantly turn based game where Villains plot to take over the world and Minions do their Evil bidding.