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Music - Capturing the live experience.

Explore the musical soundscape with Verboten.
Learn how to record and mix music in a studio setting Verboten style. Gain access to the Verboten Library archives. Secret paths hitherto unrevealed using Verboten services to compose new music using the studio's character driven production game.

Just find your way into Verboten Studio, either in the game or IRL. In fact it's hard to tell exactly where the game ends and real life begins so we define real as "that which is productive" in either.

Legends Inspire Production
While musicians certainly inspire so do many other kinds of producers. By studying the diverse range of masters, a student can form their own unique mix of elemental preferences in music or any other field of production. Take this advice. If you want to make something great then you need to find yourself a Muse.

Composing music is even better than playing it which is even better than listening to it.

Canadian aleatorical genius Devin Townsend pushes further into the soundscape than perhaps anyone ever has. Some play music while some invent it.

Hevy Devy Is A Musical Astronaut

An explorer of cross medium magic. Sight to sound to touch to who knows where. If you can see it you can hear it. A synesthesic compulsion to twist a notion to its absolute limit. To provoke… to inspire… an artist embracing the humility of self-realization. To understand is arrogance to even think it’s possible to understand why the universe is like this is arrogance. Just smile. Laugh. Enjoy the show. You don’t have to understand to love it. This is the tempo; these are the tonalities.

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