Believe it or not the violence we see coming out of the Islamic world can be explained without claiming the Koran says any particular thing.

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Muslim World Needs Secularism

Women are the cure to radical Islam.

All 49 Islamic member countries of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation combined produce only around 3 trillion GDP. A full trillion of that is Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Yet there are almost 2 billion Muslim consumers. Too many mouths to feed and not enough food. It's just math. So ordinary Muslims desperately seek nourishment elsewhere while the elite horde the lions share.

For some relativism consider Canada which has only 36 million people and a GDP of 1.752 trillion. The US has around 350 million people and a GDP of 18.46 trillion dollars!

There is a religious link but it's not what you think. The specific beliefs of Islam must have some impact, but I believe it's small compared to the consequences of abandoning rational capitalist production. Islam fails by design because it's total immersion and faith drives compliance more than scientific inquiry. In a modern techno-economy where precise data elevate returns, this makes it more expensive to deal with market opportunities.

When industry fails to compete and a rigid system prevents adaptation...we inevitably see exactly what we are now seeing. Unrest. Violence. Civil discord. Further diminished returns force otherwise innocent Muslims to feed off each other as willingly as anyone else. The overwhelming victims of Islamic terror are Muslims. Crime rates accelerate.

And what is this monster we call Islamic Terror? It goes by so many names. It's inflation. The natural consequence of too many people having nothing productive to do with their time. We've seen this happen all over the non-Muslim world for thousands of years. Young people without productive work cause all kinds of trouble. They act out. Shake the branches. Try to start shit out of pure boredom, anger, and frustration.

It's really only a matter of time until some smooth talking recruiter comes around offering relevance, protection...women. That's how a gang works. Exploiting those who live in fear. ISIS has much more in common with the Bloods and Crips than regular every day Muslims. Most people who live in a ghetto should recognize the similarities.

Capitalists from anywhere in the democratic world are happy to help; offering jobs and progress...but the Islamic world always pushes back presuming an imposition on their beliefs. Or it gets stuck under a partnership between a king and a corporation. While some Muslims escape to the West, princes and kings enjoy wealth beyond imagining living in sky scrapers built on Western technology.

Their men drive convertibles down beach side properties. The women are not to be seen. Feeding off what little production the common people achieve, these oil rich assholes won't let in other Muslims fleeing conflict in their own lands. They know these so called "refugees" end up in the West eventually.

Racism and xenophobia fuels and is fueled by the joblessness and growing list of strange faces that don't really want to be here. The fabric of once successful personal markets, full of families and friends, erode toward cold corporatism and the diminished returns for regular people that tend to follow.

When the growing masses of have-nots begin hating the few who still have, violence erupts. Protests and crime. Blaming privilege and discrimination. We see this in London, Paris, and now even Toronto. It's what makes Antifa and Political Islam natural allies.

The more inconvenient the facts become, the more shrill those who insist the problem is always somewhere else. Lack of scientific enterprise creates this mess. When more productive people remain relatively untouched by similar misfortune; they are re-branded as the kings and princes hording "the peoples" wealth. Regular people are attacked, while the elite, ironically, hide behind their walls.

Islam doesn't expect to build anything in this world because it doesn't believe that's what this world is for.

The Koran never changes so Islam doesn't naturally encourage freedom or discovery; it encourages submission to the status quo, conformity. In the West it blames failure on Whites; in the East Buddhists and Hindus; in the middle...Jews. Anyone more productive which is every other major group. Only two Muslims have won Noble prizes in a hard science in spite of being 27% of the worlds total population. Must be Jewish bias. Couldn't have anything to do with Pakistan kicking Abdus Salam out of his country after winning in 1979.

If we ever want this to change then we must help Muslims join the West as individuals and escape much of the tradition that is crippling their home economies. It's not been enough to simply live here. Building more mosques won't help them. Ghettoizing neighbourhoods won't improve their returns, it'll only diminish ours.

Muslims must change in demonstrable ways. In ways that all in the public discourse can see. I support nationally popular Bill 62 in Quebec, for example, which bans face masks in providing or receiving public services because it releases women from the yoke of an ancient patriarchy unique to Islam in 2017.

It says on day one,

welcome citizen; we have all kinds of tax payer provided services for you...but our rules will be respected. Canada is not Islam.

When I hear a Muslim women say she wants to cover her face; I feel similar to how I feel when a street walking prostitute says she wants to turn tricks. She's brainwashed and she needs outside help to escape. Finally, tax dollars doing something useful.

At least in Quebec we'll see the bruises on her face the next time she talks "out of turn" and her husband raises his hand. Women are equal. We will remind her husband that this is Canada and we'll protect the values of our scientifically literate secular Western democracy. Through this method we will improve Muslim culture and by extension, Islam.

Muslims who grow up here in the West must be encouraged to assimilate as we have and adopt Western values; embrace science, equality, and modernity. Our frontier pioneering heritage. And holding our polite fucking tongues every god damn day in a public space...but I digress.

They must accept that Islam cannot be applied in totality anymore without violating our customs and our values. That we are not ever going back to the dark ages of religious dominance because we won the world war and the winners set the rules. Muslims must compete fairly; come to realize that freedom is productive and production solves many of the problems we are living with every day.

This won't be comfortable; developing a "practical" version of Islam, but the Christians managed so I expect/hope it'll happen eventually. Probably already is somewhere. It won't be easy because giving up the "safety" of our rigidly held beliefs... never is...but it's right.

Promote the West and we can save many Muslims by encouraging Islamic countries to improve their GDP. Build factories and manufacturing industries that require lots of basic algebra and physics so businesses can spread organically. Mechanics rather than expensive, corporate, "advanced" robotic push button solutions. We've been down that road and the Saudi's have failed to lift their people up fast enough following along behind us.

Local free market capitalism literally saves lives... reveals opportunities for collaboration... provides means of protection from authoritarians... and shows how to put food on the table. Everything Islam needs to become a "practical" faith that benefits all of us through the 21st Century economy.

Crystal Vase
Crystal comes from an island no-one can find on a map. She writes primarily about politics.

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