I've rescued several animals in my time so I went to work on the wounds right away.

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My New Dog Was Just Shot In The Head

But he's doing just fine.

I've finally found the perfect dog for me. He's a 2 year old rescue Pyrenean Mountain Dog who's survived being shot in the head a few days ago for worrying cattle on a nearby farm. The bullet went in clean on the back of his head, bounced off his skull, and out the other side under the ear. The Universe wasn't quite ready to let him go. The farmer took it as an omen and I got the call cause people know I'm good at handling "unusual situations" like this.

I've rescued several animals in my time so I went to work on the wounds right away. A giant love bug who is just happy to be alive. I'll have to spend more time with him before I can think of a good name. His energy is up. I can tell because he chewed his way through one of my walls last night hoping to make his way to my room and invade my bed. I've learned the hard way that he prefers to sleep outside.

The key to this breed is constant positive reinforcement. They either love and trust you or good luck getting them to do anything. Stubborn as they are smart. "Little" man is slowly realizing that he's safe and sound. That his farm career is over. He's a companion dog now and temperamentally well suited for it anyway.

He spent the first night whimpering in pain and loneliness so I had to keep him nearby most of the time to reassure him. The trauma will be more obvious over the coming weeks. He's definitely acting like an animal who knows something terrible just happened to him, but the more love I pour into those deep brown eyes the less he shakes and the more he remembers being a "good boy".

He's eating well, clears the bowl. Washes it down afterward then he rests for a long time. Soon he wants to go outside and guard the back yard. The snow soothes his spirit. Makes sense for a Mountain breed. The strangest thing about this dog is I've never heard him bark. Typically the Great Pyrenees is a barker. I'm assuming he's holding it back because it hurts. The bullet went through without hitting major organs, but muscle was torn. Soft tissue cleaved.

He was touched by a bullet and he walked away from it. Tough dog. A gentle giant. Interesting, though. I wonder why this dog is alive? Tough or not he should be dead, but a million to one fluke saved him. Is it just luck? Or something more.

Assuming an infection isn't hiding under a brave face, I think he's going to be fine. However, bullet wounds are tricky business and he isn't out of the woods quite yet. Stay hopeful and please send my little death dodger your positive thoughts. He's in good hands, but he needs all the help he can get.

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