All production comes from capitalizing on, not exploiting, that which is natural and free.

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Nature Is A Studio

If you make it then you can take it.

According to our pioneering Capitalism framework the best approach is to seek through vigilance and patience that which appears in a timely manner. Then one is to seize the opportunity as quickly as possible to avoid waste and maximize return if there is one. The best deals are like a white water rapids; experience carries one through turbulent currents to the profit on the distant shore.

So in this spirit I searched far and wide, by far I mean within 5 hours of Regina, Saskatchewan, and wide I mean the place must have services to facilitate our growth. I no longer cared whether it's in a major city, our framework doesn't require or encourage it. We have to build a small local production facilities to maintain sustainable presence both on the geographical map and the internet which increasingly places value on real world shops. Beyond that we need enough space to create a studio to kick our production rate into something more competitive.

So when I came across an old bank in remote north eastern Saskatchewan on the edge of the timber land... I noted its incredible price, its adequate square footage, and thought why not. The cities are locked down. The next cheapest property in this quaint hidden paradise is by a magnitude more expensive. There's a lake on the edge of town, a forest around that, and yet the entire area is populated by retirees, hobby farmers, and tradespeople. They call it the garden of Saskatchewan. The perfect place to build something amazing.I called the agent and arranged a viewing for the following Monday, it being a Friday. My highly tuned capitalist instinct was buzzing. Something about the situation seemed unusual.

The price, the place, the terms, it all fit so perfectly with what I was looking for. I couldn't wait until Monday and was concerned about the comments the agent made about the roof. So I took a chance and I drove the 3 hours to take a look for myself. I couldn't get inside, but the exterior was nothing to worry about. New shingles was all it needed.

I made a deal. No inspection, no delays. I signed the paperwork and paid the total balance that Monday afternoon. I took a calculated risk as is my responsibly as the prime mover of Verboten. My risk and my potential loss. It paid off. Not only did I get the place at 25% of the price it was listed at, it turns out a church was the most recent the purchase happened tax free! And because the laws applying to such things only update church status annually, no tax for the rest of the year! I call that the cherry on top.

So I took possession a few days later and began to execute my simple plan. New shingles, general strip down and cleaning, worked on layout and exterior repairs. Over the last year and a bit I've build a superb content studio. A place to make podcasts and digital expressions of our capitalist agenda. For our clients who adopt the Social Market Capitalism framework, our facilities, tools, and technology provide an affordable means of digital production. We are now in the final stages of interior decorating.

They can burn all our fields; but they can't stop farming.

This is going to take some time though. We are going to take one more winter to renovate and prepare for a Spring 2018 opening. We will continue to publish regular articles and updates, along with progress reports on the studio. We look forward to flashing pictures for your eager consumption as we take our vision to its full potential.

The mathematical error we call socialism can't be stopped at this point, it's far too late for that. Instead, it's time to prepare and profit from its imminent collapse. Save who we can...and ourselves. The socialist constructs that can be saved by transforming into true collaborations will have a future and those who don't...won't.

It's our mission at Verboten to provide all the forbidden knowledge, know-how, and facilities, to help our partners not only survive the inevitable, but in fact thrive whether the globalists find a new way to delay the collapse or not. The fruit of this tree might just save your family farm. It might just help you achieve your dreams before it's too late.

We are aware of the many before us who sensed the threat but couldn't understand the math well enough to predict the moment of reckoning, Ron Paul comes to mind for example...or a Peter Schiff. The truth is there is no single moment. Socialism works on the aggregate, it saps our meaning long before it saps our strength. Yet, it is but a shadow defined by its prey, the Capitalist, and the production that comes from her.

When we understand the principles of production encouraged by Social Market Capitalism, then there is nothing short of a bullet that can stop us and there aren't enough bullets in the world to stop us all. Did you really want to live forever? Well, thanks to causality and the product of your hard work in a can.

Get ready, my friends, what I have in mind is epic. Support our cause; read, learn, and produce. This is your chance to be part of the movement that finally sees Canada ascend to its rightful place among the strongest nations. Why is that its rightful place? Successfully defending our territory against the Americans, then the Germans, then the Soviets, and yet now we sleep as the Globalists attempt the same.

Our ancestors bled for this country and now it's our turn. I don't care about the money in my stock portfolio. I care about the maple leaf pin I wear on my lapel. Not all millennials are mindless drones for the socialist propaganda machine. They can be reasoned with and they can be taught the truth if we but take the effort to try.

Please... I beg of you... try.

Bill Hunting
Bill writes a lot about pioneering and production. A strong advocate of ones independent means of production.

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