Property tax, income tax, etc. All these years paying the same tax rates believing we're businesses like any other with the same rights to market and return.

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Nonessential In Saskatchewan. Taxes! Taxes! Taxes!

Some of us are trying to get separate tax brackets for non-essential businesses, but predictably government is resisting.

Economies shouldn't play favourites. If government refuses to accommodate the thousands of us who have lost everything while Amazon and Wallmart make out like bandits then the next step is class action. Fight for fairness. Small businesses matter.

On a personal note:
Shout out to other businesses who didn't get CERB! And fuck all of you who took the money knowing you didn't need or qualify for it. And fuck the politicians who just gave you thieves a pass. You are the corruption.

People have wondered for years why there is so little investment in Saskatchewan. Why all the kids have to move away from their small town homes to find work. Why so few start a business to serve their community. Now you know.

It's 'cause the government and the broader mainstream culture wants it this way. A plurality likes the government dependence and the government likes the mega-corp money that gets them elected. Welcome to the big lie. You aren't free. You're in a prison where the bars are your neighbours, and the warden is your MP. We're surrounded by bureaucracy.

Don't like it? What are you gonna do about it? Shame me for speaking up? Call me more names and accuse me of holding unacceptable views?

"The province is also steeped in homophobia, racism, misogyny, and nepotism."

That's what they say about anyone calling for lower taxes and more individual freedom these days. Everything is identity to the plurality. Everything is about class power.... and they want it all. They control the public assets and now they want your private assets. When your government demands obedience it's no longer your government.

There's no point in persuading them. They aren't potential allies. Rather, they're internationalist agents working against the interests of local businesses they can't dominate with regulations. Collectivists who believe all businesses should be government run to justify their own dependence on the hand outs they greedily reach for at every opportunity.

If you don't support "nonessential" businesses in Saskatchewan then prepare to leave for greener pastures soon enough. Without the creative sector. Without small businesses. Without individual operators bringing their vision to the prairies all you will have left is big box and government services.

Sadly, many in Saskatchewan cheerlead the corruption. They smell weakness and like any common sociopath addicted to anti-social media, they attack during your lowest moment. Cackling as your government betrays you. Laughing at your stupidity for doing the right thing trying to make an honest buck without kneeling to the crown. They call you...

"White prairie trash. Typical mediocre straight white male who is never wrong. You'd be an incel if you were a millennial, but given you're arrogance you're probably Gen-x maybe a younger boomer; you're probably divorced or you're in a dysfunctional marriage with a wife who resents you. I'd also guess you've lived here all your life, and have no idea what the real world is like. Your best years were probably in high school, which is why you're angry. But given your crude and philistine existence your business, like you, is insignificant and nonessential."

Saskatchewan people are trained by their compliance to government mandates to work against each other. The plurality abuses the minority and majority. The powers that be wear a crown of corporate money. We are divided. Conquered. Manipulated by media and their stooges into endless trivialities that go nowhere.

Speak and be destroyed. Post and be cancelled. We have a voice, but y'all aren't allowed to hear it. Individual rights are "nonessential". We exhaust ourselves resisting their oppression; complaining about their favouritism of Wallmart and Amazon and their disloyalty to made in Saskatchewan solutions.

Are you scared to fight for your family? Is a cheque every month from the ministry of "we run your life" the way you you want to live forever? Is a government sentence the future you wish for your children?

The powers that be are doing anything to suppress the voices of businesses we now lovingly refer to as "nonessential". We're not going away. While thieves get a political pass on the CERB money they didn't deserve, the rest of us are losing everything. The more we lose the less we have to lose. Fight for Saskatchewan and the creative businesses that have risked their capital here for years.

The corruption in Saskatchewan runs deep. Individuals are responsible for growth and production making critical choices and risking their private capital, yet the bureaucratic class claim the credit and the authority to dictate who is and who isn't essential through conformist mandates.

If you fight for yours then expect your own people to turn on you with endless accusations. You're selfish for demanding your rights. You're angry for not accepting your fate. The more they take the more you should just shut up and assume they deserve your property more than you do. Who are you anyway?

You're not a minister, your not a secretary of [insert meaningless title here]. You're just gonna waste those resources building your "nonessential" business when they'd put your money to much more noble ends like training teachers how to undermine the authority of parents.

Remember, only racists believe in private property. Only homophobes demand lower taxes. And if you think women deserve equal pay for equal work then you're sexist, too. They deserve twice the pay and not a penny less!

Bill Hunting
Bill writes a lot about pioneering and production. A strong advocate of ones independent means of production.

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