Society has no rights; a person has rights. A corporation has no rights; the owners and employees have rights.

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deadly sins

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Our Deadly Sins

It's easy to forget who we are sometimes.

The government has no rights; no authority to wash away the truth we experience every day. Elections do not dilute the moral consequence of bad choices and just doing my job isn't an excuse for hurting the production of others.

The socialist lives in an ivory tower far above those who produce the stones that form its foundation.

In direct proportion to the deadly sins; socialism represents the consequences of sloth, greed, and hubris. It's the little voice that says sleep it doesn't matter anyway someone else can do it better. Instead, work hard; honestly, and allow feedback to inform further action. It's the secret ingredient that makes the scientific method function. It's the skilled effort of a hard days work and the product it generates.

Socialism is green when it's young and red when it's old. It's the rust in the machine that accumulates from neglect. The socialist just can't understand why people bleed in the field; endure the sun all days; reddened neck. Working class primitives are so pedestrian.

The socialist lives in an ivory tower far above those who produce the stones that form its foundation. An artificial society working through automation because they rarely get their own hands dirty. Yet they deserve this comfort somehow; they went to college. They've got a diploma that proves their superiority.

Ironically, it's incredibly easy for a capitalist to survive and even thrive by making things. Intangible advantages that only get stronger as the enemy gets larger. Sounds anti-intuitive doesn't it. How can it cost less to produce when everything costs more?

A capitalist finds a way. She learns; she develops; she refines the materials she needs from raw components not yet inflated in the market and then she puts the pieces together in secret to avoid external interference and inflation. She capitalizes on the pre-market reality. Builds something difficult to reproduce, something valuable...perhaps useful even. She captures a moment in time which can be applied to further production.

"Socialism takes what Capitalism makes" - Dennis Prager

The secret is "From less; more" through thoughts, words, and deeds. Order of operation. Capitalism. Production...go forth and multiply. The invisible causality that forms enterprise encourages our highest potential because those willing to seek they shall find the way. They will build what they need to survive the flood. With or without prior skill or experience. These are both the warnings against socialism and the guide for the capitalist willing to accept the reality around them no matter how strange or indomitable it may seem.

Be a producer. This is not theology. I'm an atheist and it doesn't change a thing. There is no way to escape the consequences of making the wrong call, missing another opportunity, hurting others and diminishing returns. The piper will be paid as the man in black reminds us "you can run for a long time, but sooner or later God will cut you down".

Crystal Vase
Crystal comes from an island no-one can find on a map. She writes primarily about politics.

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