Don't be so anxious for a "cashless" society. They sacrificed the economy to save friendly markets and all we got was another hand me down t-shirt with a defunct UBI logo.

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Personalized Money Is A Sticky Word

People are more than just old money clips.

Imagine a world where the spending power of the dollar in your pocket is based on your personal history. You get the same pay cheque as anyone else doing your job and you worked just as hard, but when you and your friend go to the grocery store it literally costs you twice as much for the same thing. The digitized profile of your life has been applied to your exchange adjusting prices accordingly.

To avoid it is to break terms with the store shutting down this and future purchases. So you can hack it if you want to risk starving to death later. The government says it's helpless to prevent the private commercial activity of the store which is after all doing only what every other store also does. Stores everyone else relies on for their food, too. You're the one causing trouble. Making it more expensive for everyone. Can't you just do what you're told?

Every group has their own reason for asserting their standards on your behaviour, but until now they didn't have the ability to invade your personal life, your private life, your intimate life. The corporations became the political police to earn their shutdown exemptions and the private sphere continues narrowing. A place left to squeeze those who refuse to reveal their Promethean secret. They control the very necessities of life even as our shared independent means' of production are shut down. Our lives shutdown so big box can ship another box.

So then you discover you're priced to fit in a box. Like an old money clip. Inventory for the state's private partner. Distributed safely with washed hands and a mask to cover the... smile. Sitting, standing, shuffling, eating... what, when and where you're told. As you diminish in worth so does the dollar in your pocket which is only worth, it turns out, some fraction of you're own worth. Whether you're social score tanks or not, replacing what you spent today was always based on your worth tomorrow and not the dollar in your pocket yesterday.

Desperate times... UBI is safe... so they say. It's paid for... so they say. Production will improve... is the economy a casino? Roll the dice and find out.

The cheques come freely and the more you rely on the money, the less value it has. Production was all that mattered and you gave that up. As your stock diminishes, the corporations pull back their investment, because although you never asked them to, you're stock of a certain colour trading in a game only those deemed "essential" are worthy of playing. As your views diverge, your liability increases. While you thought you were a human being living your life, free to pursue your happiness, you were in fact always product being shipped for service.

Controlled by the dollar without knowing how until now. It just takes a simple pull this way or that and spending power draws you like a leash tugging on a disobedient dog. In which ever direction the market's regulated "zeitgeist" requires with minimal fuss. The more it knows about you the longer the leash. The lighter the touch, until you aren't even aware it's there anymore. But, it's all good, right? The experts know best. Just be patient.

See that? You're already grunting with satisfaction as life scratches behind your ear. You're settling into a comfortable routine. Everything is going to be just fine. You know what you're worth and when you go to the bowl your food is free... just as you expect it to be.

Bill Hunting
Bill writes a lot about pioneering and production. A strong advocate of ones independent means of production.

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