Become a Pioneer. Reading resources for those seeking to develop their own private, independent means of production.

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Productive Pioneering

Making something of almost nothing.

Learn the mysterious secrets of pioneering capital production.

More Pioneering Capitalism equals better outcomes for everyone. All you have to remember to get started is the proper definition of Capital. That Capital is not money in a financial monopoly as those who primarily trade claim, but instead any asset which has utility within any potential economy.

Enjoy the convenience of our lexicon of important concepts which all tie together into a working whole. Be a pioneer! Produce your own power to influence an economy. Resist market mood swings and keep your capital gains.

Further Reading:

A Quick Talk With Grandpa

It all comes tumbling down.
An apocryphal little story about a boy sitting at his grandfather's knee trying to understand the world as it really is.

Four Pillars Of Prosperity

How to make almost anything.
To prosper one requires certain knowledge of the fundamentals of making stuff. There are many approaches, but they all track sooner or later to four basic or elementary factors that must be understood.

Save The Bees And We Save The World

A swarm of solutions.
What if bees sang like song birds? Would we treat them like we treat them now? Maybe we shouldn't take labour for granted. A good partner should be appreciated and compensated appropriately.

Polishing A Golden Turd

Shine, baby, shine!
Did you know that hard work is not the same as Production. One can work very hard, almost endlessly wasting resources and time while accomplishing nothing. We can over plan and over prepare and we can also over work to no effect.

Bend Natural Cycles With Patience

Reliability is under-rated.
Nature's seasons are an obvious example of a reliable cycle. The supreme repetition of it all; production can occur in a steady, effective rhythm.
This is how we started farming and created our original civilizations.

Capitalization or Exploitation

Specific results matter.
Maybe I should look more closely at colonialism. If my leftist friends are so supportive of it, (and my right wing friends so triggered by it) maybe there is value there I'm missing?

Nature Is A Studio

Be prepared to listen.
All production comes from capitalizing on, not exploiting, that which is natural and free. In that spirit Verboten Publishing has been hunting for a headquarters to operate from.

Career Girls

How to make every day better than the day before it.
Careers are the key to a better life. Yet, not all share my appreciation of the professional experience.

The Magic Box

A forgotten masterpiece full of important lessons by K. E. Gherity, 1929.
There are countless little gems like this one lost to time, war, and the digital age; languishing in public domain where no-one promotes or distributes them. Disappearing into the abyss so rare almost no-one has a copy.

Bill Hunting
Bill writes a lot about pioneering and production. A strong advocate of ones independent means of production.

Up Next

Understanding The Supply Chain
Capitalism is a powerful process, but for all its wonders it doesn't do everything and can't solve every problem. Its purpose is to generate wealth by capitalizing on opportunity.