Did you know that hard work is not the same as Production. One can work very hard, almost endlessly wasting resources and time while accomplishing nothing.

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polishing golden turd

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Polishing A Golden Turd

Work smarter AND harder.

We can over plan and over prepare and we can also over work to no effect.

We can blindly follow the blind as easily as trusting authority. Laziness can seem legitimate when the group approves yet production requires the application of the principles we know lead to results. It requires collaboration of individual producers. If we are just running around in circles effecting nothing of significance then we are part of the problem. We add to the expense others have to endure in order to get real things done.

Don't get me wrong, everyone needs some down time. Video games and other recreation that consumes time are fun and let the mind and body restore itself. However, this is only effective when we are working hard AND smart to build our boodle. To spend all our time on idle affairs is to waste our potential best case, and worst case it destroys our communities and economies. We find ourselves lulled into ridiculous arguments like "Why bother, someone else will do it?" "I can't compete" or "Canada has so few people...what can we do that anyone will notice?" This is the collectivist lie. It kills us before we are even born.

The Americans stood up and defeated the entire British empire with muskets and the worlds smallest army. They didn't let a little thing like the enemy being bigger, or stronger, or more plentiful, more experienced, better equipped, or more powerful stop them. They had free market capitalism and a drive to build the greatest nation in history. They had the better ideas. They "knew" it was possible to establish a nation based on individualism rather than the collectivist approach that every other nation had taken. And they were right, and they won.

Proving that the dream comes before the material isn't hard when all one has to do is look at our incredible history. The past of mankind is full of the impossible. We took the land, we ride the sea and the wind. We have penetrated the barrier between our world and the universe and yet every day I hear from everyday folk that basic things like fiscal stability are beyond us. Peace is beyond us. Bullshit. Dreams are not recreation. They are not wasted time. They are the seeds of production informing the collaborations waiting to build a beautiful fiction into pragmatic reality. And to quote the field "if you build it they will come".

Meaningful work is more than a personal quest for enlightenment. It's more than comfort or pride. It's the tapestry we are all weaving into the shared history of our experience. It leads to greatness if we are consistent and steady. It lives beyond us if we don't allow selfishness and laziness to interfere with our potential. I use the word "shared" deliberately. The difference between "shared" and "collective" is subtle but real. As is the difference between violence and force, will and ego, collaboration and socialism. Sadly the greatest things in the world are only a degree away from our terrible nightmares. A well waters the town, but also becomes a central place of weakness should someone or something poison the well.

Whether through chance or agency our mortality reinforces the value of collaboration. The only way we continue when we die is to be productive. Make something. Do something. Change the world for the better and others will naturally build on our accomplishments. This is the way of the Capitalist. This is result of Production. Immortality. Even as our names are forgotten we have significance.

And so in this moment I thank my grandparents for all that they have done for me and my parents and my family. As my grandma Hazel is currently failing I am at peace as is she, for when she soon joins my grandfather in the great beyond I know that she knows that her work and the work of those who have come before me continues through me. As I produce, she continues to produce. As those effected by my production produce so too does she. As my grandpa "Moon" Mullin used to say. Everyone has good in them, and if we see people for what they might be, we help them become what they should be.


Crystal Vase
Crystal comes from an island no-one can find on a map. She writes primarily about politics.

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