What are the first few things that come to mind when we think about describing a slave? Forced to work. Does technology really free us?

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Producers Becoming A New Slave Minority

What is the essence of a slave?

Forced to stay where we may not want to stay. Forced to eat what we may not want to eat. No negotiating power. No compensation. No say. No dignity. Somehow a slave is never qualified to speak. Violence. Death when we refuse to produce, yet not free to fend for ourselves.

Britain's High Court has recently ruled that Parliament can vote on Brexit regardless of the referendum and can in fact over rule the will of the people entirely with a master betrayal. That confirms in my opinion that producers are the new slaves in a globalist scheme to control all labour and production across every country weak enough to buy into the socialists' corruption.

Same old promises, same old pooling of the profit for the elite, same old exploitation of the underclasses. The only major difference is the way they are doing it. With math, proxies, and public relations instead of guns and bombs.

"You may have what you want, but, you must pay for it. Millions cost happiness and often cost health too."- Col. Wm. C. Hunter, Dollars and Sense, 1906

Instead of war, or violence, they are doing it through political trickery leveraging the emergence of the world wide communication network we call the internet. A refusal to enforce intellectual property laws which allows socialist sympathizers to leverage other peoples products. Theft, bribery, collusion, vote buying, ballot stuffing, media manipulation, internet memes. The word "rigged" gets thrown around a lot now in every country that wants to avoid getting trapped like Britain. Several senior members of the EU were caught on an open mic last year before the Brexit vote bragging about how they'd accomplished with Europe what every major dictator of history had failed to do; unify the region under one power, and they did it without firing a single shot.

In that sense, the plutocrats speak some truth. They didn't personally pull a trigger, but millions are starving while dreams they've spent their entire lives pursuing evaporate in the heat of globalist trade deals. They go to the same schools, they are groomed in public institutions all people are forced to attend for compatibility with artificial employment standards. These are the future leaders and followers. Forget about dreams, self-determination, freedom or liberty. Our great experiment with freedom in the west is spoiled. Society is no longer based on skill...instead it's about compatibility with the administrative masters that make the significant decisions we all have no choice but to live with.

The countries of our ancestors have been taken from the descendants through pandering incitation and foreign labour armies. The family farm is dead without a single thank you for centuries of national sacrifice. Much like the small businesses or the independent producers that were the backbones of our once great western nations. While the administrative class votes up their own raises and sets trade terms most beneficial to their "shadow bosses"; while the elite players they represent do what they've always done, steal our boodle while we producers mindlessly produce hoping to wait it out. Our product makes the rope they leash us with.

We can't vote them away, when we do they find some legal shenanigans to overrule us. We can't wait for them, this will take generations and we'll all be long gone. We can't grow our businesses unless we do it under their agenda and allow our creations to become tools for their amusement or profit when we happen to produce something valuable. Value attracts regulations, regulations set the stage for fiefdoms, fiefdoms develop nobles loyal to the royals that gave them the fiefdoms and the rest of us become serfs.

The only way to stop this is to be smarter and patient. Understand everything we can about bureaucracy and information games to look for opportunities to leverage that nature to our advantage the same way they fooled us in the first place. Elevate their egos with polite smiles and laugh at their jokes, all the while putting our real efforts elsewhere. When they want what we have they will come for it, make sure when they do that they pay the highest possible price. Be willing to destroy your product scorched earth style and be just as willing to produce again. Like the Buddhists who stood silently without complaint when the Communists came, we must stand aside and let our temples burn. It's just stone, it's just product we can always make again.

Produce more and then hide it. Don't sell it right away, don't participate in the exchange of goods or services, until your terms are met. Hide your boodle. There is no tax until you make an exchange. It's impossible for globalists to police our activity done in private without putting the collar around our necks which is terrible public relations. This new master class is too squeamish to kill for it and they sustain themselves on the illusion of virtue.

These are not the Nazis or the Stalinists who didn't care what others thought as they stormed our factories and farms shooting our families and friends. This new group is defined by bureaucratic autocratic tendencies to obsessively plan and control. This fixation on prediction makes them arrogant and timid. They are afraid of everything they don't understand and regulate. So they plan away our future production like cowards rather than take what we've already produced. They wait us out and let us consume what we have without the means to fully replace it.

This is exemplified by the loss of our manufacturing base as so called "experts" claim we need to outsource...the economy demands it...no one here wants those jobs so we have to ship in thousands of workers...when we vote wrong the vote is discounted...and on and on it goes. And we are left asking the obvious. If they are so qualified then why has our economy remained perceptually on the edge of collapse for the last 50 years. Seems the only real plan these "qualified experts" have is to bail water faster or slower as needed to keep the ship from sinking. This doesn't however get anyone anywhere.

Their weakness is our strength. Let's produce and produce and produce. Our way, then bury it. Or give it to our partners and family and friends. Whatever we do, we can't sell it. Not yet. The more tax we pay right now the more power the globalist have to operate. Not until we have enough product that we can do something very specific should we make our move. Something meaningful. Money isn't the goal. It's about freedom and control of ones own destiny. We've all by now had a dream taken from us and unless we are the rich over-class already, there aren't enough years in our lifespan to overcome the compound interest being used against us.

Stop wasting time and effort expecting things to change, you could be making something. Stop buying stuff you don't need AND stop buying stocks, bonds, investing is a waste unless it's local. Abandon credit based spending. Hold back every interest payment opportunity for everyone who tries to leverage you for that interest. Be like a dragon. Find a cave, dark and deep. Build a treasure horde. Find the beauty in that which can never be taken. Embrace the will to move that boulder up that mountain no matter how many times it rolls down the other side. Forge in fire of the earth that which you have shaped in water. Then fly above it all before your spirit is released from this prison we find ourselves in.

Bill Hunting
Bill writes a lot about pioneering and production. A strong advocate of ones independent means of production.

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