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Verboten Publishing Ltd.

Publishing With Verboten

Five shows a day for a standing room only crowd.

Capital produced playing Verboten Legacy may qualify for broader distribution through the Verboten network.

Put your studio credits to good use building your boodle. Produce new capital playing Verboten Legacy which might be published in the broader Verboten network.

Build Your Boodle!

As a studio member you have a Boodle to build. To do that you need to earn studio credits. To get the best return you need a Verified Account to unlock higher earning options with more advanced tools.

Verified enrollment is triggered automatically when a member account earns their first 1000 studio credits by reviewing member content.

Your studio credits increase by reviewing content within the Verboten website and associated apps. The amount of credits you earn by consuming content is calculated based on the traffic stats of the content.

Capital Gains
As a Verified Account you'll ultimately use your credits to produce or promote new Capital which is defined here as content which passes market tests. eg. animations, music, writing, designs, whatever you produce in the Verboten platform.

The more popular the content on any given day and over all, the more credits you earn by reviewing it. Which means that if you share the content first to increase its hits that day you will then get more credits when you yourself review the content.

Start A Store
If you have the ambition go ahead and start a store for your creations. If you do a good job other artists might list their stuff on your "virtual" shelves earning you even more return.

Sell Your Creations
Using shopping cart features and store listing with other members all our artists have an opportunity to move their art.

Got some extra credits to spare?
Consider investing in another member's content by funding some promotion. You'll even get a piece of the action if the content is an earner.

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Verboten focuses on developing the strange and unusual. Technology and software for all kinds of interesting purposes.

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