Saskatchewan needs a network of small town producers pooling their resources to rent retail space in the larger cities.

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Verboten's Plan For Local Producers

Saskatchewan needs a network of small town producers pooling their resources to rent retail space in the larger cities.

Somewhere they can sell their goods and services in a real consumer market without sacrificing the advantages of living and producing in a low tax community or risking rent on sales that may or may not justify it.

Verboten's studio model works. We have so many local artists selling their stuff through our Preeceville store front. It's inspiring. Encourages young people to produce knowing they'll have a place to move their product. Few make enough stuff to float the expense of their own place or marketing and by sitting next to other local artists the value of everyone is elevated. So let's expand this idea.

It's time to take back the production cycles that generate the wealth of nations. For decades we've been pecking at the spare feed big business throws our way when the need is too small for their attention. Small town producers have become glorified garage sales. Selling, reselling, re-reselling, repackaging, marking up, always supporting some distant brand, losing money.

The talent in rural Saskatchewan is ignored. The Agro industries are corporatizing our communities. Taking the family farms out one at a time as they force the new generation to bend the knee. Breaking our will to make something of our own. Discouraging our contributions with endless reminders about scale we can't match, and volume we can't distribute. Of course our prices are too high, we don't cut a thousand corners to put it on the shelf. We don't have labour armies, fleets of trucks, or store fronts near customers.

What we do have is creativity. Work ethic. A sense of what our communities need and a desire to build something here that can feed into the future and attract new players every single year. We have shelves full of unique originals. Flavoured to perfection. Available to those who take the time seeking substance. Our products come with the names of those who made them.

We're tired of surrounding ourselves with imitations. Small towns used to set the trend now we watch helplessly as our streets decay and our stores close. There is a better way. I have a plan. And it starts in Yorkton, but it doesn't end there. Yorkton is just one brick in the road.

If I can get at least 10 small town businesses to sign up for this program contributing $50 a month each I can rent space in Yorkton for all of us. The more participants, the more space I can rent in more city centers. Participants can bring their goods to Verboten studio, or make it available for occasional pick up and we'll distribute it from there. We'll handle the sales and money management with regular payouts to producers just like we do now in our Preeceville location.

Verboten makes 3 trips to Yorkton and back to Preeceville every week. Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. In return for their monthly contribution Verboten will distribute approved products in this new location. And this is just the beginning. Regina, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw. Our products should be represented throughout Saskatchewan... and beyond. If this expanded retail model for local producers works then we'll grow from the inside out. Local producers sending our creations out into the world while the world sends us it's cash and gratitude.

Package A)
$50 per month + 5% of gross sales
1 floor station at Yorkton retail location with branded sign and contact information.
Distribution of inventory from Verboten Studio in Preeceville.
Account on for managing sales and inventory in Verboten retail locations.
Dedicated brand section on
Inclusion in the Verboten online store.

Package B)
$100 per month + 10% of gross sales
Everything in Package A.
Inclusion with all our marketing efforts.
Verboten will build you a clean, professional website. (You will have to buy your own domain name, but Verboten will take care of the details).

Together we can get the money flowing back into our towns instead of out of them. Are you with me?

Email to sign up today!

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