If you're like me, you can sense something stirring... just beneath the surface of things. Something that reminds you of the great ones who came before us.

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Return Of The Greatest Generation

There is a calm before the storm.

It's been some time, but I think the greatest generation is coming back; as is often the case when terrible evil reaches critical mass. Historically, we've always faced one or another form of Socialism. Communism, Fascism, Corporatism, Statism. There's always been collectivist mentalities preying on productive folk but generally only enough energy for one dominant force at any given time.

The bigotries of past powers restrained cooperation. The many faces of evil hunger for each other as much as us. Today, however, we face all at once cloaked behind software and 24 hour news cycles. Some call it the liberal oligarchy. A management class, organizing the traditionally uncooperative behind a culture narrative. Lacking the common good of nationalism, this new breed is loyal only to its ideology. Where our grandparents fought dragons, we must fight the multi-headed hydra. Only by defeating all at once will we reset the clock and prosper again.

What an inspiring time, as horrible as this economy has become and as unyielding and overly-litigious our society is, what a wonderful time to be alive. What a great opportunity to prove our worth and build respect in the eyes of our children once more. I grew up reading about the heroes who made our freedom possible and I've read all about how the Socialists will sneak in the side door and co-opt the product of that freedom. Administrating our choices away behind "expert" control of a system that continues to fail anyway. Do you feel the jack boot on your neck every time you get a pay cheque and realize it's no bigger. Effectively smaller than it was thanks to inflation.

We will recognize the imperfect messengers for what they are. Different. Loud. Stubborn. Aggravating. Insensitive. Aggressive. Exceptional. Many will envy them. Angry that others seem to act freely while we are still enslaved. We will hate them and call them names. We will do whatever we can to bring them down to our level, but they will resist us. They will rise above us and excel where we fail. At first we will reject their example. Surely, there must be another way to fix things. A tweak here or an adjustment there. Another top down agreement to correct the last one. It's futile of course. Things are so imbalanced to serve the largest cities. The special interests benefit so completely from the games the organizers play that the greatest will stop acknowledging them.

Through personal sacrifice when the cost is infinite and the return almost non-existent we will see them paradoxically fly into the clouds. No longer bound to the elemental chains employment has shackled upon them. A willingness to live without, to control the terms, to stand with pride and dignity. Our will overrides the desire for big swimming pools and fast cars. Valuing relevance and meaning over the perception of success will render us invisible to the enemy who cannot conceive of such tactics.

Even if a Socialist or an innocent thrall reads this article they wouldn't understand it and if they did they wouldn't believe it. So certain are they in their own conception of the world. Without money there is no power so they will say. They will claim money is based on reputation, gold or otherwise, rather than the truth which is production. So they will lie and lie until it becomes defacto truth and you won't produce...unless they want you to. They won't see a genuine threat to their control from we eccentric few. It's all a big joke on the uneducated and unsophisticated.

And just like the U.S.S.R and the 3rd Reich they will be wrong, and they will fall. China will face justice for killing tens of millions. Russia will be remembered for their sacrifice on the alter of fascism. Canada is making a terrible mistake signing free trade deals with them. It sends the message to the population that life doesn't matter, only economic convenience or cultural allegiance. This will signal the nationalist movement to mobilize. It's inevitable and this time race baiters won't lull the independents into racial distractions. This has never been about race, it's about shared national identity and honouring the sacrifices to the homeland our ancestors made before us in the hopes our children will honour us. All colours and creeds, under one flag, one country. Free. Canada.

Great nations under the thrall of worm tongue will be brought to their knees by a generation unwilling to bend. No compromise. We cannot be bought, and we cannot be reasoned with, not after so much has been taken. So much betrayal. The government lies. Universities lie. Economists lie. Celebrities lie. Corporations lie. Our dreams are gone now and we have nothing left to lose.

To banish the darkness we will sacrifice all we have left; ourselves. For we are legion. We are everywhere. In every person, no matter how broken, is the spirit of independence waiting to explode upon the universe. Our drive to be something cannot be permanently suppressed any more than we can live indefinitely without love. Without meaning there is no love and without love their is no life. It's time to fight for our lives.

Forget about plans and strategies. These are the tools of the oppressors. A business plan too easily becomes a blueprint for our enemies. Don't borrow from strangers, borrow from family and friends. A bank just wants its fig, a friend wants you to succeed. Accept that truth is a process, that no-one is always right, that no-one can foresee the future in detail. Be ready to capitalize on an opportunity. Don't rely on plans, instead prepare. Make yourself stronger. Develop independence. Skills. Accept help but don't lean on it so that you can help others as much as possible, too. Leverage position. Stand where you must to slow down the establishment and work hard to build intangible works no-one else can control.

Collaboration is the good child and Socialism is nothing more than a good child gone bad. Understand the one and we understand the other. Be ready to lose, over and over, but never give up. Create endlessly so even death cannot hold you down. Pursue original thought. Though we lack group power we gain rare insight which can reveal opportunities. If we are smart and thorough enough we can employ others and we can build and we can prosper while defending our nation, our families, and our futures. Just like the greatest generation who built our country. We can be like they were. We can matter, too.

I. Am. Verboten
I. Am. Verboten is a mysterious ghost of an author wondering through the studio as if he owns the place.

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