As more and more Atheists come out in Canada to express their lack of belief openly still most under-reporting demographic yet estimated at 25% and growing.

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Should We Skip Christmas This Year?

Seems like an awful waste of eggnog.

Some call it the "War On Christmas". Most theocracies are feeling insecure right now; an age they once dominated is ending and they perceive enemies at all borders. Especially from each other.

This is because, although a socialist construct, different special interests are taking centre stage. These interests are more corporate, and more cultural. Believe it or not, atheists are very common in socialist circles in spite of their scientific proclivities any other day which should favour capitalism. Its very common for atheists to fall for the socialist promises about equality and justice. Every argument has two chances, the mind which craves reason and the heart which desires righteousness. It seems the Theocrats are appealing more to the latter.

Reason is an enemy to no one, so lets be reasonable. Many of us have family and friends of all faiths and the days of Christianity dominating politics and promotions are long behind us. In today's world the enemy is laziness and thoughtlessness. People don't make anything anymore. This has left us weaker and less prosperous than we'd otherwise be.

We've come along way since Bertrand Russell wrote that if he were to assert, without offering proof, that a teapot orbits the Sun somewhere in space between the Earth and Mars, he could not expect anyone to believe him solely because his assertion could not be proven wrong.

Have we come far enough? Is it time to skip the gatherings and holiday celebrations with family and friends? The answer is... of course not. Instead consider the value of Christmas to ones cultural heritage. Keep the best of our past and discard the rest. In other words why does one have to believe in a God to celebrate life with loved ones. What better way to show respect to Jesus the man, even if he wasn't divine.

This of course goes for Muslim Atheists and Hindu Atheists and Jewish Atheists, all kinds of Atheists, as their particular past likely has some form of theocratic influence. When everyone enjoys each others company, open minded and secure, soon even the stubborn connect on a human level. Sometimes simple kindness is more progressive than any political ideology.

Maybe it just takes patience. Many of those believers may someday realize the value of ones history is never incompatible with new understanding. As they see the product of secular life improve their own lives we can have a more integrated community enriched by separate histories while fiercely defending, TOGETHER, a new shared Canadian experience. This will lead to the peace and prosperity we all want rather than the cultural invasion many fear.

Crystal Vase
Crystal comes from an island no-one can find on a map. She writes primarily about politics.

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