Member Benefits

Verified Accounts unlock self-publishing and other advanced features such as making a store or placing inventory items into other stores for sale.

All members get access to the live version of Verboten Legacy, studio credit account, and content earning que.

Members can list their own products and services in other member stores.

Verified members can operate their own stores.

Members can suspend content and verified members can adjudicate suspensions.

While general public can flag, members can make promotional investments in content for a healthy return.

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Verboten Studio Member Sign Up

A studio needs artists. Be a producer.

By signing up for studio membership you gain access to a growing list of member benefits.

Authorization #

Step 1: Email Verboten and express interest in joining the studio's talent roster. Tell us what you hope to produce. We'll email you an authorization number if we like what we read.

Step 2: Sign Up
Type in the number you received from to complete your account sign up.




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Verboten Studio is a serious place to make some very difficult things. In order to advance any creative skill talent requires a proper facility, equipment, privacy; access to opportunities to apply those skills. Once you earn 1000 studio credits to get a Verified Account you'll unlock self-publishing and other advanced features enjoyed by serious studio talent.

Rules Of Engagement For Verboten Producers
  • 1) No plagarism or reposts. If the content is here then it is only here or sourced from here if shared or re-printed elsewhere. The exception to this rule is public domain works from 1929 or prior. While we encourage legendary posts of this type they must still credit their original authors.

  • 2) Be a producer. This is not the place for marketeering. We're about generating new capital primarily through production; less so trade.

  • 3) What you produce you own. But there's a catch. Other producers, including you, have a member right to mix the content of other producers using Verboten Legacy so long as they are members when mixed.

  • 4) If you cancel membership you take your content and all rights to it with you, however, mixes remain with Verboten and their creators. You're also oblidged to source Verboten (w/ link if possible) as the production environment in any publications outside our network.

Publishing Rights
This applies only to the creations you develop within the Verboten Studio facilities and digital tools. Anything you create with Verboten Studio must carry an associate credit forever. If you use the content to make revenue outside our network you must promise to display a "Created At Verboten Studio" credit or something to that effect, with website link if possible, along with your own and any other collaborator credits. Additionally, while Verboten doesn't require a revenue share of your out of network capitalization we do maintain the right to use the content created within our own network to generate revenue for us both and support other creators just as you also benefit from pre-seeded content within our production opportunities.

Cancelling Membership
While our creative credit is permanent in the casting of your creation we only maintain the right to publish your work so long as you are a member. When you cancel your membership you take your content with you. We will stop publishing your work within our network unless you give us specific permission to continue.

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Terms Of Membership

Members must agree to these terms to sign up starting with giving Verboten direct permission to use your email and a promise to sincerely try to live up to our intent in providing this service.

Purpose of Membership
To produce something which can pass a market test therefore fundamentally adding to the total amount of creative Capital in the world enriching everyone with opportunities that wouldn't otherwise exist.

Code Of Conduct
Plagiarism and Retconning other peoples' content is strictly forbidden. If you want to upload someone elses product then join Reddit. Be original. Be constructive. Be a creative.

Capital Ownership
The artist is the primary Capital backing every creation. We want the artist to maintain ownership and authorship for their works so that they increase in value with each new contribution. It's a big world and we want you to own a catalogue of Intellectual Property you can make a living from for the rest of your days.