Deep in the bowels of filthy files; past stone, bone, and frayed wire is a box. Within this box is another smaller box. Within this smaller box is a tiny box...and within this tiny box is a...

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Slimy Catacombs Of Legal Status

Boring things are the most dangerous.

Through the tireless efforts of the Diabolical Diabolites the Top Evil! keeps track of everything and everyone here. This includes the Roster of who's playing, their level, their current status, lairs, wealth, inventory, reputations, etc. The allocation of territories to Villains who have earned lairs. Eventually even a seat at the High Table Of Doom. The only down side of being Top Evil! is the pain of back handing so many adoring Diabolites.

"I've decided to become a super-villain. That is all." - Anonymous


Moves are made by Messaging the Top Evil! with appropriate title and description. Once a move is made, simply wait for the reply to continue.

Read Manuals for all game related information and visit the game lounge at /r/verboten to get a sense of what this is all about.


At level 3 a Minion is granted open market access and a Villain can now accept pledges. Open market means the Minion can pledge for employment with any Villain of any level though there might be a waiting period as again only Villains above level 4 can approve a pledge. A pledge will remain a pledge until they have completed initiation. What's initiation? Paddles and blindfolds.... Oh please, grow up! A completed job, dummy.


At this point a Villain can initiate a pledged Minion and all players are required to set up a special PO box for trading real world items in order to continue. Never use your personal address; only use this special PO box when playing Verbotenous.


Why do characters disappear at Level 10? Like we're gonna tell you! Are you Top Evil! you hold a seat at the High Table of Doom? No or you wouldn't need to ask this evil question. More likely you're a freshly printed Minion begging beyond your station! Begone, peon!

Sometimes, it's not convenient or possible for a player to make a certain item required to move a story forward. Maybe the player is wheelchair bound and can't take a close up picture of a bird nest high in a tree. Whatever the reason, trade is the answer. We've set up the subreddit /r/verboten as a place to discuss the game with other players, ask for help, and negotiate trades to accommodate challenges. All trades must be approved by Top Evil! who will update player roster upon confirmation both have received their item. If an item is lost in the mail then it's lost in the game.

Once A Minion has developed some skills and built a Treasure Chest they will be granted access to their Minion Mail where messages come in from game characters to help further certain story threads. Read the Minion Mail for important details.

From time to time the game will require a Minion go out in the real world and take a picture to upload as an Offering. To validate the picture, a Traveler's Card is placed in the scene to make sure the Offering isn't confused with the wrong Minion. It's never actually happened but a cunning Minion might make a fake card to fool the Top Evil! ...such a Minion would of course be celebrated in the halls of Villainy. Right near the Balls and F*ckery table. Evil. Evil. Evil.
Check out Traveler's Card for important details on how to make yours.

If your choices please the Top Evil! and Maddam Fate (Roll of the dice) then you'll get a much needed upgrade to your Scoreboard Scheme. Make sure you do them in order on your first go through. After that you can do any you want. Go ahead and get started. Evil waits for no one.

Read Begging Villains for important details.

The Academy of Minion Parts and Seines has a class for every skill. Well...almost any skill. There are some things that you just can't learn in school. Our trainers can only get a Minion through the necessary basics required to enter the job market. After that only jobs posted by Villains can further a Minion's Evil ambition.

Read Training Manual for important details.

While only Villains can post Jobs for Minions and Top Evil! posts Evil Plans for Villains there is a class of activity available to all but the newest players. One must be at least lvl 3 to attempt...a Deed. Sometimes it's a full adventure where the character relentlessly pursues an artifact to help in a job or plan. More often it's a unique opportunity being offered by one of the diverse creatures crawling across Verbotenous.

Read Madam Fate's Book of Deeds for important details.

Most Recently in Ithliam: NefariousCanteloupe

Friend or foe is a matter of perspective. Maybe you're the kind of deal making Villain that can play with the biggies...or are you a Minion tasked with maneuvering around a mysterious force? Need a little something to help with a difficult challenge? When you've read this manual you have the power of...information. This list grows whenever a new non-player character is added to the game and includes hints for unlocking content.

Read the Monster Manual for important details.

Assuming you are Evil enough to earn the reputation of the coveted Top Evil! a whole new aspect of the game opens up. With great power comes great responsibility. The Legions of Evil...the Horde of Horror...the Army of Darkness are yours to command. Hand out treasure to your enemy's enemy and deploy hazards to punish your favourite Villains.

Read the Blueprint for important details.

Top Hat
Currently the top villain in Verbotenous. If you see him/her/it... you won't even know it.

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Rules Of Verbotenous Game Play
Verbotenous is a dominantly turn based game where Villains plot to take over the world and Minions do their Evil bidding.