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Socialism Versus Capitalism - Can production overcome entropy?

Everything you need to know about capitalism and its struggle dealing with socialism's larcenous tendencies.
While hard working capitalists struggle to create the goods and services we all enjoy there is another group of operators who prefer to let others create the capital knowing they'll get a piece later when it's there for the taking. Did anyone ever tell you the story of the grasshopper and the ant? Which was more productive? Who are the real bullies? And so we wait for the return of the greatest generation. Hoping to avoid the notice of the elite who would take our boodle for their own should they discover it.

The Eternal Struggle Between Independence And The Collective

Capitalism Is A Glorious Force Of Nature
Those who understand it prosper with new wealth.
What’s it take to remain competitive in today’s globalized economy? Is it really the trade deals with enemies?

Our Deadly Sins
Ignorance doesn’t avoid consequences.
Society has no rights; a person has rights. A corporation has no rights; the owners and employees have rights.

Little Seagull And The Mighty Clam
Freedom is its own reward.
I’ve been asked many times to boil down free market capitalism to its simplest elements. No problem. Here’s the story of the little seagull and the mighty clam to help illustrate to the lay(wo)man why capitalism works and how.

Existential Gravity Of Disloyalty
It’s a movement, man!
Those who have no moral compass, no internal sense of direction go where the wind blows. They crave the sweet smell of baked bread, or the lullaby of the siren as they lead those stupid enough to follow along with themselves to inevitable destruction.

Virtue Signalling To Create A New Crusade
But it only masks the contempt beneath the surface.
The temptation to virtue signal is strong in a society full of judgmental fools with poor education and even worse skills.

Land Is The Source Of All Production And Therefore Wealth
Work it morning, noon, and night.
When people say “I want my country back” many look around, see their country and ask, what are you talking about?

Everyone Is Screaming Nobody Is Listening
Things are rarely as simple as they appear.
We’ve all been brainwashed into believing we need certain things to be happy. Maybe it’s a nice car or a nice house. It could be a membership in a local club or church. Or something as simple as a television and a cable subscription.

Globalism In A Nutshell
Capitalist potential of Globalization socialized to serve the elite.
For years the elites have made an extraordinary claim. That they can run the world on the behalf of regular people in such a way that benefits everyone.

The Narcissism of Small Differences
Social thieves will wait for you in the age of digital sting.
The Liberals and Liberalism is once again in danger of being consumed to feed a socialist machine. Corporate greed and identity politics.

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