A country is like a book. Once written you can't just take away chapters. It's like burning a book and in a similar fashion separation is burning a country.

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The Spectre of Separatism Places Canada at the Devil’s Crossroads

You can't just erase the past.

I say the only way Alberta leaves Canada is by winning a civil war. Separation is a direct threat to national sovereignty. A single generation doesn't get to just vote away our entire history.

"Why not?"

It's stealing. Alberta doesn't belong to Albertans alone. It belongs to all Canadians just like any other province. If Alberta were attacked all of Canada would defend her. You don't get to just cut and run when it's tough. Suck it up.

Separatism often refers to full political secession sought by separatist groups. - wiki

"Woopdydo. There are houses in parts of Europe older then our country."

Regardless. Those who came before us spent their capital and lives defending this country and I WILL NOT disrespect their sacrifice to support political expediency.

"She is not worth it and ridiculously over rated. We would all be richer and freer if we did not have to pay for this thing you call Canada."

Canada is worth more than money. She is the living testimony to my family and yours. She is the book in which we have written our dreams, our sweat and our tears. She loves us no matter what we say about her and even when we sometimes lose our way she always welcomes us home.

A Devil's Crossroads represents a location "between the worlds" and, as such, a site where supernatural opportunity presents extraordinary risk upon the promise of a Devil's deal.

"Clarity Act clearly defines how a province can secede. The glorious Liberal Party and its Supreme Court, amusingly, have codified into law that secession is legal, provided it clears certain (high) hurdles. You can talk of civil war and whatnot all you want, but there is a legal path open."

Civil war doesn't respect peace time law; it respect country, rules of engagement and repelling those who would destroy her. If it's ever tested I think civil war will be the inevitable result if there are any patriots left in this country and I believe there are millions of us. But it won't come to that. Once the pipe line gets built the Alberta crisis ends. Simple as that.

"Not disagreeing. However, there's no guarantee Energy East gets built. If people are pushed far enough events are unpredictable as they unfold..."

Canadian producers will run straight through the freemarket; solutions tempered in the fire of Canadian hopes and dreams. I like our odds. Support provincial independence rather than separation. Separatists are traitors.

"You see independence while I see subservience. If you crave independence I'm not sure how you can advocate that we remain under the thumb of Ontario and Quebec for eternity."

I see potential. I see a tired, obsolete generation of producers diminishing into socialism...and with it I see opportunity...a new dawn approaching as they reach their twilight. Canada will rise again!

"Every Quebecois PM ever elected has worked Canada over in favor of Quebec, so lets elect another one? Smart, real smart! Time for the west to go!"

Regardless. Dividing us up for the conquering is insane. Help make Canada better; don't run like a coward.

"Alberta has been discriminated against and treated as a colony to feed the rest of Canada for decades. We can't afford it anymore and never should have allowed ourselves to be taken advantage of in the first place. From Canadian Wheat Board to equalization, the West has always gotten the short end of the stick."

So go ahead and play into the divide and conquer favoured by our political enemies? Take a breath. Like it or not we're all in this together.

"We can still trade in any event."

Alberta exists because of the specific history of the entire country and all the sacrifices ever made by anyone involved with her. To separate is to steal from our fore-bearers and will diminish the incentive to sacrifice for her into the future.

"I can't steal from someone that's dead."

You can destroy a legacy. That is stealing from the capital investment that our fore-bearers have made on our behalf. And when that happens those around today are less likely to cultivate that ongoing legacy knowing short sited separatists will someday ruin it anyway.

"I'm not destroying the legacy, the federal government already did that."

So long as the feds are working within the law then it's legitimate and we are bound by the return(or lack of it). You want to fix Canada; fight like a Canadian.

"They have circumvented the original deal in their typical duplicitous eastern ways."

Nothing new and certainly not a reason to risk your children's future on some pipe dream. If you separate you are stealing from their rightful inheritance of the collective wealth of Canada and all her past investments. You will also be risking instability which will drive up crime and diminish further investment in your community for many years.

"The fact is we can leave by voting to leave."

You can't leave by vote. The referendum idea is theoretical at best and if history is any judge civil war is much more likely. Many of us will fight and die to keep our country in one piece.

"If we vote to leave and you decide to invade, that's on you. I don't doubt your conviction but most of the rest of Canada are a bunch of pansies."

We won't have to invade. Provinces have no armies. We'll simply hunt down your separatist leaders and hang them. Like the traitors they are. High treason is death penalty.

"You're on another planet. Did you see any Quebec separatist leaders get hanged?"

The 1995 Quebec independence referendum was the second referendum to ask voters in the Canadian French-speaking province of Quebec whether Quebec should proclaim national sovereignty and become an independent country, with the condition precedent of offering a political and economic agreement to Canada.

They would have been if the referendum had gone through and they actually started claiming property and territory that belonged to Canadians. I predict Albertans will join the rest of Canada through a new unifying political movement and overthrow the Laurentian Elite ushering in a new age of prosperity.

"I realize separation has the odds stacked against it but the chance of fixing the system is slim to none and slim just left town."

Would you rather be right and Canada gets worse or wrong and regret you didn't fight when you had the chance? I'd rather vote and lose than betray my country.

"The system is broken. Good luck trying to change it from within, I wish you success despite my not wanting to take part."

A broken system is no competition for a true producer. The growing incompetence of the Eastern throne is a diminishing threat to the West's growing competence. We WILL balance the forces. The Western Producers and the Eastern Marketeers will renew our partnership and fight this globalist plague with raw, unstoppable cultivation of new wealth. Canadians will stand proud shoulder to shoulder in every province. We will unite! and we will become a great nation once again!

Crystal Vase
Crystal comes from an island no-one can find on a map. She writes primarily about politics.

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